Vasilli Nikolaev Pre-Freedom Logs

Started by SGT-Spartans, 08-02-2011

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// Thought as Vasilli is now my most rp'd on character, he should have some background info.

Date: I've lost track..Lets start with Zone 2, as today is the second day I've been here.
.... Last night was filled with the sounds of alarms and PKM fire. As I crawled into cover of a rock, my close acquaintance, Yaroslav Suvorov, was perforated with the cruel spray of the military's support gunner. They must have thought I died too, for the rat-tat-tat of the machine gun has stopped. I've been stuck at this rock for about twelve hours, staying still out of fear. I can't fire back because I only have 5 clips of ammo for my AK-47, and I don't have many rubles.. I plan to run like hell to the nearby village, lets hope its populated by friendly stalkers...

Date:Zone 3
Adrenaline pumping through my veins, with vodka to clear my fear, I began to run headfirst into the wide field covered by the all-seeing PKM gunner. I barely got to the village before I had thrown up, the fear built up inside me was over. I felt safe, as the stalkers around me welcomed me, and told me to talk to a man named Sidorvich. I plan to rest first, as it is now eleven P.M, or atleast very dark...The only light is the campfire's flickering and warmth.

Date:Zone 6
I haven't had time to keep up with everything... Sidorvich did not have much to offer me, and advised me to through the garbage to the Bar. Rumors, spoken around the campfire, make me wary of traveling through such a bandit infested place alone... // Will continue later
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Vasilli 'Vasoline' Nikolaev - Freedom - Alive
Aleksey Ipanov - Spooky Trenchcoat Man - Alive
'Pale' - Bloodsucker - Alive