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"Here you will find all the weaponry currently known of, and supplied within the Zones boarders. Weapons range from mere pistols, to the rarest weapons in the world. We will not supply any information or pictures of weaponry here because it is pretty obvious what they are. If you need to, check Google on your PDA, or ask others."

AK-47m - 7,000 Rubles

AKS-74u - 5,000 Rubles

AN-94 Abakan -9,000 Rubles

Desert Eagle - 6,000 Rubles

FN2000 - 90,000 Rubles (NEEDS ADMIN APPROVAL)

Fort 12 - 1,050 Rubles

G36 - 25,000 Rubles

LR 300 - 12,500 Rubles

M1911a1 - 1,800 Rubles

M92FS - 900 Rubles

Viper 5 - 5,000 Rubles

Makarov PM - 700 Rubles

Mossberg 500 - 6,000 Rubles

OC-14 Groza - 24,950 Rubles

Spas 12 - 15,000 Rubles

Hunting Rifle - 8,500 Rubles

SVD - 17,000 Rubles

Sig550 - 13,000 Rubles

SigP220 - 2,800 Rubles

V.S.S Vintorez - 28,000 Rubles

Walther P99 - 1,400 Rubles

AK 47- 10,000 Rubles

Upgraded MP5- 10,000 Rubles

Axe/Crowbar- 400 Rubles

Kabar- 500 Rubles

RPG Rocket Launcher- 60,000 Rubles


"Here you will find all the known protective gear and fashionable trends of the Zone. Clothing ranges from mere plastic and leather vests, all the way up to the most expensive armor in the world. It is not known who creates these suits, but it is rumored by most that Western and Eastern custom crafts and distributors make them."

Rookie Jacket - 550 Rubles

"The rookie jacket is actually a suit used to revert your clothing to the clothing you picked at creating your character. It is an actual item, but it is not actual armor."

Bandit Jacket - 8,000 Rubles

"The bandit jacket comes in brown, and black leather. It is tailored from the finest materials."

Ecologist Suit - 20,000 Rubles

"The ecologist suit is to only be worn by members of the ecologist faction, and nobody else."

Mercenary Suit - 30,000 Rubles

"Mercenary suits come in many fashions and tailored styles. There are currently 4 styles in the zone, but the Camo and Regular Mercenary suit are priced at 30,000 rubles. The French, and German mercenary suits are separated from this section because they are much more rare, and tend to be much higher quality"

French Mercenary Suit - 35,000 Rubles

"This is the green and white mercenary suit."

German Mercenary Suit - 50,000 Rubles

"This is the brown and blue mercenary suit. And is the most expensive. Is it the highest quality of the mercenary suit style, and is extremely rare."

Exo-Suit - 200,500 Rubles (NEEDS ADMIN APPROVAL)

"Exo-suits come in many fashions. But the truest fashion is the Freedom, Regular, and DUTY Exo-Suits. These are known as some of the most advanced armors in the world, let alone the Zone itself. They are extremely rare, and are usually shared between groups of friends due to their phenomenal price. They provide the greatest protection, and can withstand a bullet from an S.V.D Sniper to the head."

SEVA Suit - 130,100 Rubles (NEEDS ADMIN APPROVAL)

"The SEVA suit is the custom tailored Ecologist suit. It is as well, one of the rarest types of clothing in the world, especially in the Zone. The SEVA suit is specialized in dealing with the Zone's most dangerous of anomalies and radiation. It is fashioned out of the highest quality materials known to man, and is said to have been designed by master scientists, professors, ecologists, mathematicians, doctors, and tailors in the world because of its heavily guarded schematical secrets."

SKAT9 Beril Military Armor- 100,000 Rubles

"The SKAT9 Armor is one of the most favored pieces of armor in the Zone. Sleek, stylish, and outstanding protection make it one of the most sought for pieces in the Zone, and the world. The SKAT9 suit is used by the most professional of stalkers, known as Military stalkers, and people with money who can afford it. The SKAT9 is overall one of the best suits in the Zone because of its protection and price."

Freedom Suit- 30,000 Rubles *FACTION ONLY*

Monolith Suit- 30,000 Rubles *FACTION ONLY*

Stalker Suit- 25,000 Rubles

Foods and liquids

Light Beer- 25 Rubles

Bread- 200 rubles

Whiskey- 400 Rubles

Boost- 1000 Rubles

Energy Drink- 300 Rubles

Vodka- 40 rubles

Water- 15 rubles

Milk- 20 Rubles

Milk Carton- 10 Rubles

Tourist Delight- 400 Rubles

Diet Sausage- 200 Rubles

Misc. Supplies

Military quality medkit- 300 Rubles

Pack of Ukraine Premium Cigarettes- 100 Rubles

Carton of Ukraine Premium Cigarettes - 200 Rubles

Flashlight- 300 Rubles

Antirad Drug- 2,000 Rubles

Kevlar Vest- 2,000 Rubles

PDA- 3,000 Roubles


Shotgun Ammo- 200 Rubles "Applies to Hunting Rifle, Mossberg, and SPAS 12 shotguns"

Rifle Ammo- 300 Rubles "Applies to Kalashnikovs, Snipers"

Nato Rifle Ammo- 300 Rubles "Applies to LR Rifles, Sig Rifles, and other NATO orientation weapons"

Handgun Ammo- 200 Rubles "Applies to all pistols"[/tt][/b]


You traders better follow this.

If you don't, you will be responsible for the economy being fucked up.

Dark Angel

Traders are allowed to sell for even higher prices but not lower...