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Started by klp4, 04-10-2009

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Welcome friend! So, you've decided to join the family, haven't ya? Well, you mite be tough enough for it...
Alright, here's the deal,

Post count over 50 (Good and Quality posts for a good majority)
Been with HGN for over a month
Respect your fellow players, the Admin team and the community, as well as fellow trader union members.
Your character must be over the age of 18
You must read and follow the rules
If Denied, you may post another application in one or two weeks


[b]Steam ID:
SF Name:
Time with HGN?:
How long have you been roleplaying?:
Why do you want to become a trader?:
Why should I pick you to become a trader?:
What is the TU?:[/b]


[b]Character name:
Descritption(Looks,traits etc):
Backround story:
Why do you wish to join us?:
Are you fat?:[/b]

(Copy the text inside and just pase it in your reply, then fill it in)

There's no minimum for the backround story, just do your best.

Good luck!

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The Applications are now open!


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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:18088086
SF Name:_Ownag3_
Timezone:USA Pacific
Time with HGN?: 3 days
How long have you been roleplaying?: 1 year
Why do you want to become a trader?: Whenever i join stalker i there are a lot of people looking for traders hoping to buy a weapon. Ive had people come up to me asking if could spare some ammo. On some occasions i had to ask people too I want to become a trader so that I can help the people in the server what they need. Just today a new gun has been added and there were 20 people asking if there was a trader on the server.
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: I'm patient, Ive been a trader in other role play servers and i know what I am doing.
What is the TU?:
Stands for traders union, A group of traders working to supply stalkers with the supplies they need.

Character name: Vlad Ruskovoloshin
Age: 27
Personality: Fights back when needed, intelligent
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): Brown hair, wide shoulders, strong
Backround story: Born in Russia Vlad was raised in a poor family. He lead a tough life. He was lucky to go to school. He was taken into the army like every man in Russia at the age of 18. The Russian army wasn't a good place to be. You would sleep every other night and the training wasn't that fun either. He wasted 2 years of his life there.
Soon after leaving the army Vlad went searching for a job going to a collage was impossible because his parents didn't earn enough. He found work at a bread shop but found it dull so he saved up some money ad went to Chernobyl. He did not do to well. Finally he went looking for a faction to join but nothing worked. And so he went to sine up into the trade units. He thought he could make some money. Why do you wish to join us?: Vlad is poor and he has gotten mugged by bandits more then once.
Are you fat?:
Sorry but my English is bad, I lived most of my life in Russia, i just got here a year ago.

Denied - D.A sorry but app was weak. Contact over SF for help.



Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:7064083

SF Name:
[5868]|Pvt|John Youth<3

Timezone: USA East coast

Time with HGN?:I've been inactive for about a month but, I joined HGN back in July of 2009.

How long have you been roleplaying?:2 years

Why do you want to become a trader?:I want to expierence this roleplay more and I always hear people bickering about there being no Trader on.

Why should I pick you to become a trader?:I am a expierenced roleplayer

What is the TU?:
The TU is the Trader's Union which works throughout the zone trading supplies and weapons.


Character name:Rommel Lebejev


Personality: Always looking for a way to earn cash,cheap,Smart

Descritption(Looks,traits etc):Grey beard and hair,out of shape,Old,Expierenced Trader

Backround story:Rommel grew up on the streets of Moscow. His father died when he was only 14. His family was very poor and he needed to find a way to provide for his family. He found a job working in a small shop and quickly learned the traits of a salesman. Ten years later at the age of 24 he became an alcohaulic.He frequent got drunk and was kicked out of bars.One day while at a bar  he heard a group of men willing to smuggle people into the zone. Rommel scrounged up what money he could to be able to pay them to bring him into the zone. He convinced his mother that he would be able to make large amounts of money and send it to her. After many days of traveling,exhausted, Rommel finally made it to the zone. He quickly put his skills in trading to work and managed to make some cash. He hought about joining the Trader's Union. After some time he decided to put out an application. He is now awaiting his results.

Why do you wish to join us?:I want to make some cash and have my skills put to work.

Are you fat?:
I frequently do alot of walking so I am not fat at all.

Accepted - D.A


(Yes, I realize that I don't have 50 posts, but I don't see why that matters at all when it comes to applying for trader, having 50 posts doesn't make you special or better than the last man just because you have more posts than they do. It doesn't measure your experience or know how as an HGN member.)

OOC Information

Steam ID:

SF Name:

GMT -4

Time with HGN?:
A month now, in and out of HGN's servers (CS:S, TF2, Gmod RP) since late November 2009. I have just recently registered on the forums- on new year's day to be exact.

How long have you been roleplaying?:
3 years now, since 2007 when I became hooked on Gmod RP.

Why do you want to become a trader?:
I see that not enough traders are online most of the time, and the ones that are are just barkeepers that sell only food and drinks. That and faction traders that refuse to trade with anyone else besides those in their faction. I want to be a trader so that everyone can get anything- not just a few people or everyone and limited items. I want to be the fat, bald, friendly guy that you will come to recognize as your supplier and your friend. I don't want to be a trader for the fact that I have unlimited access to all items in the gamemode, but because I want to fuel the development of serious S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP with my own RP and knowledge of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. I want to give roleplayers something to do- whether it be simple jobs like retrieving crude oil drums for 10 RU a piece, or it be passive, long RP segments involving the finding and piecing together of miscellaneous gun parts and generator parts to repair guns and generators. Traders are more than people who just give you booze and guns for RU- traders are people who keep S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP alive with excitement and things to do.

Why should I pick you to become a trader?:
If I am selected by you to become a trader, I can assure you that you will not regret your decision: I am an experienced, passive, serious RPer that is capable of utilizing a whitelist correctly and without any abuse yet still using the given whitelist's benefits and uses to their fullest. I will become a recognizable character on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP and on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP forums, famous for my quotes, jobs, missions, and service to others as a trader. I am very confident about attaining the trader whitelist/flag, as I am known amongst current traders and roleplayers in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP community as an experienced, serious RPer who knows the rules of the server, HGN, and of the TU.

What is the TU?:
The Trader's Union (TU) is a highly-organized society of blackmarket dealers, weapon dealers, and general goods traders who operate as a secret force that keeps supplies and goods running in and out of the Zone and it's people. They are those who supply the Zone with it's needs: food, guns, and ammo. The TU operates as a network of a few dozen traders and affiliates spread around the Zone. They were once all separate, but the TU was established, and since then almost all of the Zone's traders have joined arms with the TU.

IC Information

Character name:
Serov Mason


Content; happy with life so far, happy to assist those who need assistance, somewhat greedy, friendly to all and enjoys a good laugh when necessary. Serious most of the time when it comes down to work and trading of valuable goods.

A large, bad-skinned, wig-wearing, middle-aged man with broad shoulders and a strong Russian accent. He generally dresses decently and has good personal hygiene. (Excluding his oily, bad skin.)

Backround story:
Serov got involved with the Zone and it's many inhabitants back when he was a trader for the Russian mob and the Russian-Ukrainian blackmarket. He was trading off ten shipments of smuggled Military goods to a Zone trader for distribution, the shipments including over 200 military issue, factory fresh, brand new AKS-74Us. The deal racked in over 600,000 RU in profits. He continued with trades of weapons and munitions into the Zone to the point where he found out who he was trading with, the Zone's TU. He researched them and decided that he wanted to try and gain admittance to their society of traders and dealers, hoping to live a worry-free life of crime and illegal blackmarket goods trading within the Zone's confines.

Why do you wish to join us?:
I wish to test my bartering and repair skills on those who inhabit the Zone, and I want to put some more food on my plate. I am a generally persuasive man with many connections to people throughout the Zone and out, all positive and good. I wish to join you so I can have something else to do besides sit around in Vladivostok all day chowing down on Calamari and other imported food fancies, if you catch my drift. I think I would prove well as a TU trader, and will not disappoint you or any of the TU.

Are you fat?:
I prefer the terms "husky" and "big-boned". But in all truth yes, I am to some point obese/as you asked, "fat".

Accepted - D.A  greate app! Liked it alot. Automatically moved to trader.



Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16013977
SF Name: Megamaff
Timezone: Gmt
Time with HGN?: 4 months-ish
How long have you been roleplaying?: 3 years
Why do you want to become a trader?: There's barely ever any traders on, and the server really needs them since the new script.
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: I think I'd make a good, responsible trader - I've never sided with Major factions, and never will, and I think I'm generally friendly - which is what ya need in a trader.
What is the TU?: A lovely union of traders which supply the zone with day-to-day needed items, as well as some unneeded ;)


Character name: Hephaestus
Age: 39
Personality: A friendly, open-minded man, always fond of helping people out, but has a pure hatred for deception.
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): Quite tall, yet thin - visibly weak.
Backround story: Hephaestus, named after the greek god of the forge and fire, used to be the toughest of tough, the strongest of strong - but also the kindest of kind. Brought up in the harsh lands of Ukraine, Hephaestus grew up as a farm-boy, schooled by his father - his mother dying when he was young. Later on in life, as things became tougher, he decided to leave and joined the military to enjoy an "easier life". He was indeed wrong. At the age of 27,  during his service in the military, he was involved in an accident. He had tripped infront of a moving tank - his legs being crushed under the immense weight. He could soon walk again, but his physical strength had decreased, along with his fiery personality - he was useless to the army. He was sent home soon after, falling into a deep depression. He lost the will to do the things he used to love - he remained in doors all day, silent and empty. As years went by, he began to begin crafting and building quaint items - repairing items for his father - namely watches and clocks. He used his head rather than his body. By the age of 34 he could fix anything, as long as he had the strength to do so. He had strongly erupted from his depression - his new past-time bringing him a happiness he had not known before. He became much more friendlier and a much kinder man than before. He had opened a repair store in a local town, and had become somewhat of a local "hero" - he'd help anyone that needed it in anyway, and the people were thankful.
As rumors of the zone spread and military were being flooded in to secure the situation, Hephaestus decided to leave his town, to help people that needed it more. He hitched a lift with the military, having kept in contact with many of his old colleagues, and wandered into the unknown with one thing on his mind - to meet and greet the people of the zone, and help them.
Why do you wish to join us?: Traders are needed in the zone, to sustain life and keep it rich! We need more traders, and I think I can help
Are you fat?: No :(

Accepted - D.A auto assigned to traders for being creative!


I know I don't have 50 posts, but I'm really eager to get a trader character. I'm sure my abilities are up to par with such a task, and i assure you i won't roleplay like an idiot.


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16208727

SF Name: Verian

Timezone: GMT -5 (EST)

Time with HGN?: About a month or so, didn't make a forum account until a bit later in my HGN experience.

How long have you been roleplaying?: About... 6 years. Not exclusively to GMod. GMod RPing for about 1 and a half years.

Why do you want to become a trader?: I'm hoping to become a trader because I want to open up more roleplaying opportunities for myself, and be a very active Trader character.
As well as help rookie characters become veterans.

Why should I pick you to become a trader?: I think I'm a great choice for a trader because I have a lot of free time to be on and active. I have a lot of roleplaying experience, and i'm creative as well which is useful for making unique and plentiful odd jobs for other characters to perform for rubles.

What is the TU?: The Traders Union is the lifeline of the STALKERs in The Zone. They sell, buy, and exchange weapons, editable items, ( Like bread or vodka) and  ammunition for said weapons with STALKERs and other members of The Zone, including other traders if they are low on a certain item in their stock.


Character name: Kyle Briste
Age: 55 years of age.

Personality: Briste's personality traits include his unyielding and stubborn attitude. If he wants it done, he'll get it done. Period. He also is pretty calm, but when something goes down he won't hesitate to use force or some other action that would fit the situation. (a.k.a. he isn't reckless and thinks before doing something.)

Description(Looks,traits etc): Kyle is a bit husky, but not because he is fat but because of his frame. His frame makes him a perfect fighter. Tough, Tall, (About 6feet) and hard to get around. He is a bit muscular, but not a body builder or something. Just a bit of muscle left over from his old glory days. He is half Russian, and half American. His eye color is blue and his hair color, though a bit balding, is dark brown (it looks almost black).

Backround story: Kyle Briste was born in the United States, making him a citizen of the country. His American-born father, Gene Briste , was in World War II, in the First Cavalry Division of the United States Army. His mother, Viktoria Bykov was born in Russia. Gene and Viktoria met during Gene's overseas duty for the United States, of course, they quickly married after the war and  things were arranged for her immigration to the United States.

Kyle grew up in the state of Texas, near Fort Hood. This was due to the fact Fort Hood is the head quarters of the First Cavalry Division. Kyle was a normal kid, mostly. He got into a lot of fights because of his hard-headed personality. Eventually, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and enlisted at the age of 18, in the same outfit his father did. The First Cavalry Division. He was deployed during the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and The War on Terrorism campaigns. Then, once The Zone was formed he saw a new opportunity. Many of these so called STALKERs would need weapons, and other equipment and supplies. Kyle heads into The Zone, with his war-hardened abilities and just some US Dollars to exchange for the RU currency.

Why do you wish to join us?: "I wish to join your union to make money, of course! Not only that, though... I want to help the STALKERs too! In a place like this, everyone needs any help someone can give! Ah... what i would give to be a rookie again..."

Are you fat?: "Some may say that, yes... but it's just my frame!"

Accepted - D.A nice app


Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:16013941
SF Name: Morbo
Timezone: GMT 0
Time with HGN?: 1 yr
How long have you been roleplaying?: 5 yr
Why do you want to become a trader?: I r good tradur I r learn 2 do maths
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: Because we need more good traders now silver introduced his shitty system.
What is the TU?:
Traders Union.


Character name: Strongbow
Age: 28
Personality: Alcoholic [Full Stop]
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): Rough, thin, pale.
Backround story: Born in Kiev into an orphanage "Strongbow" had a shit childhood. He became an alcoholic, constantly drinking strongbow and other cider at 13 and never stopped. He was looking for ways to get Free drinks and found working in the zone to be an ideal job, although he always "seems" to pay for his habit.
Why do you wish to join us?: I need the Money so do you. End of.
Are you fat?:
No. Deny me and ill fuck you. Or not. What ever you feel like.

De- wait no i don't want to be raped so accepted - D.A

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Steam ID:
SF Name: |HGN| Chaos
Timezone: Eastern US
Time with HGN?: 10 months
How long have you been roleplaying?: Little over a year.
Why do you want to become a trader?: So I can create a huge monopoly and control econ- I mean, so I can supply stalkers and Factions alike with weapons or whatever else they need.
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: Why not?
What is the TU?:
A group of traders that umm trade. It stands for Trader's Union. Buy low and sell high.


Character name: Petro Vasyli
Age: 47
Personality: Calm, but after his anger limit (takes a lot) your fucked.
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): Strong, short, old.
Backround story:
Petro Vasyli was once a bartender. He worked hard and was a known favorite of the bar, located in Pripyat. They loved him there and it was his joy in life.
Life was great until the powerplant disaster. He left Pipyat, but he also left everything that mattered in his life. His home, his friends, his job, his house.
His whole life was that bar, with all of his comrades that went with it.
Having no family to mooch off of after leaving Pripyat, his only choice was to go back. Petro knew that he would have to find someone that could help him get into this 'zone'. That's when he found one of his old comrades, one that specialized in anything against the law...
5:30am, Military Outpost.
"Petro my comrade, are you ready?" asked the man in the cloak.
"Yes, just let me take a piss. All this excitement has gotten to my dick," petro replied.
The man in the cloak leads the way, moving low, fast, but silent. Petro follows, barely keeping up with the man. A guard is standing watch on the tower, with a searchlight. The soldier that's supposed to be watching the side entrance was drunk, and the two easily pass by unnoticed. As the cloaked man and Petro near the zone, a shout is heard.
Petro goes to the left in between two buildings, separating from the cloaked man.
Shots are heard. A body goes lifeless on the ground. Petro lays silently, in between the buildings.
"It's alright men, go back to sleep."
Petro sneaks off into the night, having no idea what to expect of the zone.

Day 1 in zone, Cordon.
Petro sees a couple fo buildings down the road, and decides it would be worth investigating. He takes off his gasmask and lights a cigarette. Squinting, he notices a couple of stalkers in the 'town' and quickens his pace, excited that the legends of the zone were true, there was really other people in it. As he neared the town, he noticed a bar setup. Petro looked at the barkeep and widened his eyes. "It's you, old comrade? I thought I'd never see you again."
Why do you wish to join us?: So I can get access to supplies and become a successful trader. Have you tried to be a trader without connections? Hard-knock life..
Are you fat?:

2+2x2=? If you answer under this text correctly you will get auto assigned to Traders if you fail you will be barkeep! - D.A
If the x is multipication and not a variable, than that equals six.

Accepted - D.A auto moved to traders



Steam ID:(Get soon)
SF Name:|HGN| Bto2295  [187cr]
Time with HGN?:about 1 year.
How long have you been roleplaying?:about 2-3 years now.
Why do you want to become a trader?:Im going to try to Make this a Freedom Trader. . . For selling the faction guns and also Help the economy.
Why should I pick you to become a trader?:
What is the TU?:
Traders Union


Character name:Kyle Whiskey
Personality:Money Hungry./Friendly
Descritption(Looks,traits etc):Chuby,American,
Backround story:
I was born to a rich family In the United states. I lived in New a suburb area outside of New yourk. My family where Wealthy stock owners. I got what ever i wanted. At age of 14 I wanted to get out of the country. Try something diffrent. My parrents where to busy witht here company. So i Took about 1,000Dollars of american money from my parents and had my butler drive me to the airport. Then i got a Ticket to The Uk.

To The zone!
When i got off the plane i noticed that i couldnt under stand anyone. I spent 5 years To learn the launguage fully. I put that money away in the bank so it was the age of 20 I got bored and wanted more adventure. So i set off GOing anywhere. Then my families gift started to haunt me. I was able to buy something and sell it back to them for more. My parents called it a gift. I Kept Moving And selling. Till I met a group Of armed Guys. Then Walked up to me all in cloaked black robes and Stuck there guns in my face.
They took all my loot and Tied me up. They drove off and they Untied me and threw me off the edge laughing. I looked up I had nothing but the verry clothes i had. I walked almost 5 miles and i saw a Trader selling and making a living. I wanted to do that for a living and use my families gift.

Why do you wish to join us?:The Economy Sucks ass. We all need money for it to progress.
Are you fat?:
Not yet no. I was moving to much.

Accepted - D.A abit weak app but still accepted!
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Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:84322
SF Name:Violet or Madface
Timezone:Central U.S
Time with HGN?:1-2 Years
How long have you been roleplaying?:3 years
Why do you want to become a trader?:I want to become trader to help stalkers but also rebuild our economy that just went to 0
Why should I pick you to become a trader?:You should pick me because i love you? Or well just pick me...
What is the TU?:TU is a group of traders who are basically the capitalist of the Zone, buying selling and bartering.


Character name:Cynthia Rose
Personality:Odd, Nice, Strict, A bit Greedy.
Descritption(Looks,traits etc):Short, Black Clothing, Steel Faceplate

Backround story
Cynthia's life was easy before the age of 17, had a job, had a family, had friends. Apparently her parents had gotten into trouble with a certain someone, seeing as they couldnt pay them back, they were killed. They found no use of Cynthia, seeing as there was only one option to stop her from telling the police. They stuffed her into the trunk of their car, driving off to the 'zone'. Afterwards once they arrived, they pulled her out, throwing her, she landed, rolling. They got back into the car, laughing. She stood, confused... she began to wander about in the zone, attempting to find a somewhat town. She succeeded, she got a transport job. She had to transfer goods in a truck from location A to B without trouble. She achieved that for 3 days until well...the wheel decided to go, sending the truck smashing into a tree, knocking it over. She got out, her body bruised up. She grabbed her backpack and small marakov pistol located on the passenger seat. She then grabbed some of the goods that fell out, seeing as there was no point in going back to the place she came from. All she found was energy drinks, Vodka and diet Sausage... She began to roam again, following the road. For 7 hours she roamed not finding one spec of life unless you considered a cut up hanging person as life... She stopped, exhausted, taking out a energy drink, openning it and jugging down the contents... within her gaze she saw a town, with hope and excitement she attempted to go forward but then fell over, her body falling down like a ragdoll, her body aching... Rolling over she sits upright, finding a man staring down on her. "Hey lady why exactly are you on the road lying down, day dreaming?" he said to her, she responds "No... looking for a job of somewhat..." "You need some help?" "No, not unless you have a job..." she responded sighing...
"I guess i could... give you one... maybe be my assistant..." filled with excitement, she jumped up, hugging him...not exactly hugging but squeezing the air out of him like a balloon. Him, choking for air managed to say "La lady your going overboard..."
She let go, embarrassed a bit. They then set off to the town. She explored a bit of it, finding Valdik trading with some people. Afterwards they set off to the next town. She then asked "What exactly do you do?" he responded back "Im a wandering tradering... what else am i supposed to do?" "Right..."

3 years later... age 20
During this time Valdik had to tend to some other business, but this time it was a sort of permanant job. Seeing as he left, the job of the Wandering trader had been given to her. This time she made a promise to not live the life of the poor but only as the rich.
Why do you wish to join us?:I wish to join the TU so i can actually earn the name of Trader so i may get more customers and also to gain access to better supplies so that customer satisfaction may be 100% unless told otherwise. But also because the economy is going into a fall.

Are you fat?:No? Why would a wandering trader be fat? How would i be fat? Why would i be fat?

Accepted - D.A
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Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:10935743
SF Name: McCutcheon[IcE]
Timezone: GMTT -5
Time with HGN?: In and out since '08.
How long have you been roleplaying?: 3 years
Why do you want to become a trader?: To be a person that supplies weapons/food/ect in a fashion as to not take sides and to only preserve himself and only his closest associates. To be the supplier instead of the one being supplied.
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: I am a mature, patient individual who is willing to stay out of combat. I know the price for every weapon in the database according to the actual price in the database and can change the price judging by the current economy and how much money is circulating within the server. I am also very active on the server nowadays and this activity will continue as long as my schedule allows it (so pretty good activity for a while until exams come up again.)
What is the TU?:
A union of traders in which a set of guidelines are given out.


Character name: Nikolai "Groza" Poloshki
Age: 46
Personality: Calm; Persistent; Cold
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): Scar located above his right eye, extremely pale complexion, six foot ten inches, somewhat muscular.
Backround story: Having connections with the Russian mafia since the age of eighteen, Nikolai has earned the reputation of a cold, heartless, inhumane man. Since persuasion is one of his specialties, it made him one of the more fitting "salesmen" within Moscow's Russian Mafia. Before his job as a trader, he worked as a "collector" of payments owed to the mafia. Usually carrying a Groza special collections, he was a ruthless man, slaughtering groups of people at a time in restaurants, letting only his skill in cleaning up and bribes to bypass the law. On his 40th birthday, his boss introduced him to one of the high figures within the Mafia. Liking his style, this figure financed his illegal operations for known cartels and groups until an investigation against him forced him into hiding until his financer suggested the Zone; seeing it as a special business opportunity to buy artifacts and sell them to customers for millions. Seeing it as the only other option and despite its dangerousness, he wishes to leave immediately.
Why do you wish to join us?: The zone seems like an interesting business area. People need guns; I can supply. People have special items that I and my associate want. Its a win-win scenario for STALKERS and myself.
Are you fat?:
I have a bit of fat on me from sitting around but not a lot.

Accepted - D.A good app but i'll as assign you to barkeeps for now!

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Congratulations everyone who got accepted! Play with us win without us!

Eet Eet

Steam ID: 0:1:27142856

SF Name:|HGN| Eet Eet


Time with HGN?: Month.

How long have you been roleplaying?: 4 Years on HL2 DM RP then 1 Year on Gmod in serious RP.

Why do you want to become a trader?:Because the trader amount is small and most traders are in bases and wont trade. I would be something like a traveling trader so that everyone could use my services and of course money for me and to the whole TU!

Why should I pick you to become a trader?: Because i know my way around in trading and the Trading Union would grow faster with new members.

What is the TU?:
TU is the Trading Union who specialize in trading and keeping the RP flowing. TU keeps the business running and keeps everyone happy by selling the things the players need.


Character name: Vlad "Triggerfinger" Savich


Personality: Military trained, humorous but not somekind of push-over. A person who can hold his own in almost any situation.

Descritption(Looks,traits etc): Young, muscular on the arms, a good sprinter, a lightly  shaved beard, grey eyes.

Backround story: Vlad was born in Moscow in 1983 in the cold winter. Vlad lived in a average russian family with a father from Estonia and with his mother from Russia. His childhood was not really special he lived a normal life with his friends near his neighbor hood. At the age of 15 Vlad and his Father Martin went hunting to the forests of near Siberia. Vlad actually saved his father from imminent death from a bear whilst shooting the bear through the head. Martin was very proud of his son and after long years when Vlad was 18 he was sent to the Military for training to be a proud soldier of Russia. After 5 years in the military Vlad grew throughout the ranks to the position of Starshij Serdzant (Head Sargent). Vlad was also smuggling food, alcohol and magazines into the Military base to earn a living because at that time his family wasn't doing well after the death of Vlad's father. Later on Vlad was ratted out by one of his squad mates named Vassily who Vlad hated the most in the the army. Vassili found out that Vlad was smuggling in forbidden items so he told the Major about it. On the next day he was kicked out and had t o pack his bags and never come back. While doing so he heard Vassili and someone else talking about something called "The Zone" and its vast riches. Vassili was telling the other person about the vast riches of The Zone filled with artifacts, mutants and strange anomalies. Then next day he told his mother that hes going to Ukraine to investigate The Zone and packed his luggage and left by plane to Kiev and from there by bus to a village next to the Cordon and from there he went to the Bar. Vlad had a conversation with Barkeep. He told about about Sidorovich and the Traders Union saying that they were the biggest companies in The Zone earning big money due to huge amounts of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S pouring in who need supplies. Vlad then left with the location of the TU HQ on his PDA to help his mother and maybe get revenge on Vassili.

Why do you wish to join us?: Because if I join the TU the community will grow faster and the trade will be increased. Also being a trader in The Zone would be a great experience for me and others. Also I like Trading.

Are you fat?: No but i do have a bit of fat at my stomach area but not too much.
To this day and beyond no one still knows "Who let the dogs out!"



Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:11605357
SF Name: Zaki
Timezone: Pacific
Time with HGN?: Before ban, quite a few months. 5-6.  After ban- Only a few weeks.
How long have you been roleplaying?: A couple years now.
Why do you want to become a trader?: To get a different type of RP. Seeing as I have been in nearly every other faction other than this and Monolith.
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: Because I am an experienced Roleplayer, and I know the ropes.
What is the TU?: During my time, the Traders Union was a group of a few individualized traders. Now, it seems that the Traders Union came under a hierarchy, which organizes it all the better, with Bartenders, a Boss, and a Co-leader. Well, from what I also see it, the TU is a group of Traders which buy and sell any object that is in trade within the Zone, such as AK-74's, LR300's, and armors like the Exo-Skeleton. They also buy and sell consumables and perishables alongside artifacts that are a major source of income.


Character name: Wolfe
Age: 21
-Very open
-Partially Insane
-Anger Issues
Description(Looks,traits etc):
-Short Brown Hair
-Grey Eyes
-Average Height
-Athletic Body Build
Background story: One night, Wolfe awoke to a loud roar of some sort of animal. At the time, Wolfe did not realize that this roar was not a very good one to hear... Just seconds after a third, loud growl, Wolfe witnessed a large mutated dog moving forward, its back hunched, on the offensive. Wolfe only had one instinct, and that was to get up and grab the knife which was to the right. Wolfe did so, and prepared for a fight. The large dog ran toward Wolfe, biting the arm which bore the knife. The knife still stood strong in wolf's right hand, and putting aside the bite, Wolfe stabbed the Kabar through the Dog's head. The dog fell limp, and the bite came loose. Wolfe straightened up, hearing more dogs coming. The ferals made quiet skitters as they ran up the metal stairs leading the room which Wolfe was in. Wolfe didn't have time to load the AK74-M laying down to the left. So, on came the Dogs. The first couple of dogs were rather small in comparison to the others, obviously fodder to protect the stronger ones. But as they came, Wolfe was not very merciful. The sound of throats of dogs being slashed, and of skulls being stabbed were audible to the outside, alerting a nearby Bloodsucker. And with the final dog kill, Wolfe heard the Bloodsucker's roar. With speed, that AK was picked up and loaded in three seconds flat. By that time, the bloodsucker was already at the door, and uncloaked. Wolfe opened fire, the first five rounds piercing the bloodsuckers chest region. Two more rounds pierced the sucker's skull, killing it instantly. Wolfe takes a few seconds, realizing what happened, taking it in full. Killing a bloodsucker.. One deed that this STALKER has never done before. And with the quickness that this happened, Wolfe remembered absolutely everything. The first Bloodsucker that was killed by that STALKER's hands.

Wolfe awoke to the dream of the most favored of memories. Around, laid several unconsumed supplies, along with an AK, Kabar, and P99. Wolfe gathered the surrounding supplies and put the consumables away in a backpack. Wolfe started walking. In which direction? Who knows. Wolfe obviously didn't care, not having any regard for the direction which was taken. Wolfe wandered in circles several times, finally finding a new road to follow. Lost for days without any scavenged food, Wolfe gave up. This journey continued until the moment that Wolfe could not continue. The moment in which the Loner collapsed from exhaustion and hunger. Luckily, there was someone nearby. A Veteran STALKER stopped his walk at the place of Wolfe's rest. He kneeled next to the Loner, examining what caused the collapse. The Veteran placed down a small backpack next to Wolfe, got up, and kicked at the Loner. Wolfe awoke to the sight of a random Veteran walking away into the distance, soon disappearing from coming fog. Wolfe looked around in a panic, knowing that it was impossible for fog to blow in at that region. So in a second, that small backpack was picked up and carried away at high speed as Wolfe took off into a full sprint away from the "Fog", which was obviously Gas. Stopping some distance away and panting, Wolfe rummaged through the pack to find food, a gas-mask with a filtration unit attached, a smoking extension to the gas-mask, and some weed. Wolfe placed on the mask, and set out into the coming gas.

Soon leaving the gas cloud, Wolfe spotted a large settlement in the distance. This settlement turned out to be an empty Military complex. Inside, Wolfe broke into a seemingly well kept armory, finding few guns and a couple helmets. Wolfe collected a gun which was better than the AK kept on a sling. The Loner then got rid of the AK rounds collected in a small backpack, and started collecting the required NATO Rounds for the LR300. Wolfe also collected a scope, silencer, and bi-pod from a few supply lockers. Wolfe also stocked up on medical supplies, food, equipment, and a nice new pistol. On the way out, Wolfe heard sounds of people talking outside. The door ahead opened slowly, as a couple of other Loners entered the building slowly, and unprofessionally. Wolfe quickly aimed the upgraded LR300 at the two, lowering it, noticing them not being very harmful at all. The two Loners only came to the empty base for some quick guns and ammo while the Military which ran the base were gone. After the three made their way away from the base, the two Loners led Wolfe to an actual settlement.

What could happen: After some time, Wolfe became settled in this community. Not really wanting to travel much anymore, Wolfe opened a small shop that only sold small amounts of supplies. Being noticed after some time by a larger company, the company offered Wolfe supply shipments to increase sales. But the only deal they made in exchange for these shipments, was for Wolfe to send in a portion of the income. Wolfe agreed in time, and began to run a bigger shop. And with more people buying from the store, more sponsors recognized the establishment, funding it. After a large portion of time, Wolfe stepped away from all the organized trading, and settled down in the Zone, becoming a wandering trader. Still having all the contacts from past deals, Wolfe is still able of selling and purchasing goods in the Zone. And with this, in time of a short retirement, Wolfe felt the need to get back into trading. After the waited time, trade seemed to have changed. The market, now under new management, required people to join the Union in order to get shipments to sell. Wanting to trade again, Wolfe decided it was a good investment. Wolfe then attempted to get into the Union.
Why do you wish to join us?: **Take reference from Background Story**
Are you fat?: No

Auito Accepted - D.A you are a greate RPer so i'll auto accept you! And you  are assigned to Traders automatically!



Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:20750914
SF Name: |HGN| Dug
Timezone: GMT+1
Time with HGN?: More than four months
How long have you been roleplaying?: Year and four months
Why do you want to become a trader?: I want to try it and want to sell some stuff do some passive on for a size
Why should I pick you to become a trader?:Because I can role play good and I don't really have any other character to play since my only one got pked. Also I can assure you , I will be very dedicated.
What is the TU?:
A dedicated group of people who are distributing supplies to the zone for a cost.


Character name:Ivan Rizov
Personality:Friendly and Calm
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): He isn't fat nor skinny(just normal), brown eyes, tall, dark brown hair
Backround story: Ivan Rizov was born on 1976,in Moscow. He came from a family who did anything to earn money. Trade, steal, do jobs, work around houses. His family was always like that. His father , Stefan , he was more of a thief. While his mom Anna was a maid, she pretty much cleaned around houses. Little Ivan became interested into trading. He looked up his uncle who was a trader, basically the man owned a shop. After Ivan finished primary school, he attended the school for traders, high school that is.  His uncle noticed it and gave him a job at his shop. At the time Ivan was a teen and learned quickly from his uncle.
It helped him in school. His grades were excellent and after he finished school and collage, his uncle died and left him the shop. Ivan took over the shop and did a better job than his uncle. Soon he met this girl, Sandra. They started going out. Ivan and Sandra were madly in love. Ivan managed to open an other shop with support of his girlfriend which he married two years after. In the other shop they sold furniture which was an other great success. Soon they started to think about having children. Both of them wanted a boy and a girl. Two kids, enough for a family. They dreamed about many things until Sandra died. She was raped and killed. Ivan was broken. His shops went to ruin. He closed them. Ivan spent a lot of time alone and didn't have anyone to talk to. Since the only person he spent time with was Sandra. After her death Ivan was like an angel, always friendly with a smile on his face trying to get the best out of everything. He didn't eat much as he lost his appetite. No one visited him. He soon started to read books and took pleasure in it. They made him smile, made him sad. But he enjoyed them. He gained all sorts of knowledge by reading the books. One day he heard about the Zone and it's dangers along with the beauties of the zone. Why he really came was the Traders Union it self which interested him. He wanted to get back into the trading. He took great pleasure in trading while Sandra was alive, so he thought "Why not , again?". Before he went there, Ivan wanted to be prepared. So Ivan learned about guns and radiation as much as he could. After all of that he managed to get into the zone. Rookie he was but knew a lot for one. Soon he went over to the duty camp. A dutier told him everything there is to know about the zone. The factions , the mutants and such. Everyday he would think about how he is gonna have his own shop and bring back the memories he had. Now he waits to see if the memories will come back even if Sandra is not there she will always be in his heart.
Why do you wish to join us?: I want to keep up the family tradition. At least my and uncles. I want to feel good again and have fun.
Are you fat?: No.

Auto Accepted - D.A You are a greate RPer so i'll also assign you to traders!



Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:20342978

SF Name: |HGN-STSA| Akira

Timezone: GMT+1 (Germany)

Time with HGN?: Since 13th of Dec. 2008, so it's more than a year.

How long have you been roleplaying?: A lot of years.. Didn't count.

Why do you want to become a trader?:

It's a relaxing job. You wait somewhere, someone comes to buy something from your goods and you make sure your hired guard won't betray you. Also I recognized a lack of traders in the last time. I might help out in that case.

Why should I pick you to become a trader?: I'm a loyal, respectful and long member of HGN. Also, we don't hate eachother. :P

What is the TU?: The Trader's Union is a kind of trade guild with certain prices and rules. All traders and barkeeps in The Zone belong to it.


Character name: Tomko Pugach

Age: 35

Personality: Clever, Charming, Polite

Descritption(Looks,traits etc): Darkbrown Hair, Green Eyes, Still looking young, Experienced in Trading

Backround story:

Tomko was born as a son of a trader. His mother died when he was born. He helped his father in his shop in Balobanovo, a little town near Moscow. He hadn't much friends, but his father teached him a polite and charming way to talk. He knows how to handle customers and how to make them buy things. He likes his job and he loves to learn things from his father. Unfortunately, his father died when he was 18. He was old enough to take over his shop. He led the shop for a lot of years, a very lot. 17, to be exact. Well, after all those years he saw people going and coming, met all people of the village and all visitors. His shop became kinda popular in Balobanovo. He heard a lot of stories, also one about "The Zone". It's the area around Chernobyl, said to be very dangerous, full of creatures and people, which search for things of value. Something new, interesting and adventurous. Tomek saw a goldmine in those people. They would need some supplies, the protection and food isn't growing on irradiated trees. Well, hopefully not. When he was younger, his father teached him how to use a gun, so he would be able to defend the shop from robbers if his dad was away. He took all his money, wares, some weapons his father hid and his car, going to "The Zone". He had no real friends or family, nobody will really miss him, probably only his shop.

Why do you wish to join us?: I'm looking for some action and interesting customers.

Are you fat?: I wouldn't say fat, I would say a bit out of shape.

Accepted - D.A you will be barkeep even thought you are capable of being trader but we needsomeone really skilled to be a bar keep!


Steam ID:
SF Name: MangoMan
Timezone: Us-Pacific
Time with HGN?: about 4 months, but recently started playing more often.
How long have you been roleplaying?: about 1 1/2 years.
Why do you want to become a trader?: So i can better the rp and help many people out with suppies and such. plus its fun.
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: so i can help bring more rp and help people.
What is the TU?: a group of traders that banded together in the zone to sell goods and make profit.

Character name: Deloni Bezigato
Age: 25
Personality: Respectful, Straight forward, relaxed
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): 6'5, fit, bright blond hair, blue eyes.
Backround story: Deloni Bezigato did'nt really know his family. Between His father being in jail and his mom working two jobs, it was hard to see much of them in Ukraine. By the time he was 13 he had been in and out of juvinile halls and by the time he was 18 he was already in a national prison.Now in prison he learned to respect people and spent most of his time working out and staying out of trouble.He was being transferred by boat along the Dnipro river when his boat suddenly crashed into something unknown to Deloni. Deloni was able to hang onto a piece of what used to be the hull of the boat and climbed ontop of it, but suddenlt hip and legs where struck by some wood and he hit his head; knocking him unconsious.After he woke up on the shore of the the river, he was able to walk a few miles untill he came to some sewers. Well, he knew the would be looking for survivor so he decided to climb in and make the rest of his way in the sewers.after awhile of traveling in the sewers he stumbled across a broken grate, one that loked to have been sealed before purposly. He climbed in and continued intill he found an exit out of the wretched place. When he entered the sunlight he was amazed by all of the wonders of the zone; mutants, anomolies, and even people living a fairly well life.Deloni of course had been injured by the crash, but was amazed when a medic from a group called freedom offered to fix hom up for free! After being patched up he began to look aroud at were he was. He was in a town and noticed that alot of people where all in a central place.He wandered down and was aazed to see a trader selling and buying more goods than deoni had ever seen in one place. He wondered if only he could become one of these. now Deloni not knowing how to becoe a trader moved on, did jobs, helped people, and of coure assisted the faction that helped him in the first place: Freedom.But one day Deloni was getting used to his life in the zone, and after he had bought a gun from a friendly trader, he began to chat with him seeing as buisness was slow for the trader. Eventually it came up that Deloni had always wanted to be a trader ever since he had entered te zone. To his suprise the trader offered to help him and gave deloni took the paper that the trader had handed him. Deloni soon forgot about this paper, as he told imself that it was just a dream that would never come true. He went back to his daily routine of barely surviving and just scraping by.Finally Deloni had had enough.He did'nt know where else to turn and then he remembered about the tradr application he had gotten from a friendlt trader. he soon began to fill it out.........
Why do you wish to join us?: to make profit and make sure that stalkers and such have what they need to get shit done.
Are you fat?:no

Accepted - D.A You will be auto assigned to trader as you were one before !



(ALL DONE DARK, FEEL FREE TO CHECK. Also, let me know on anything I should improve.)

Steam ID:
SF Name: |HGN| Genesis
Time with HGN?: About 3 months or so
How long have you been roleplaying?: 4 years with Serious Roleplays
Why do you want to become a trader?: Because I've always loved being the guy that sells shit and gives out jobs. On most Serious Roleplays, such as Desertia, I would be the Black Market dealer. It was always my favorite.
Why should I pick you to become a trader? Because I think I'd make a very good trader. At least let me have a try at it.
What is the TU?:
TU is the Traders Union, which is a large group of traders whom sell items throughout the Zone.


Character name: Sergei Petrinov
Age: 32
Personality: Friendly until you piss him off, not much of a talker

Descritption(Looks,traits etc): 6'1, Short Blonde Hair, 5-O'clock shadow, Medium Build.

Backround story:Sergei was born in a small town not far away from the Zone. His father was a trader whom was very sucsessful, and so Sergei was teached in his ways. At age 16, Sergei was already selling goods to people, and he was making lots  of money off of it. He was working as his fathers assistant then, because people under the age of 18 were not allowed to trade yet. When he learned of the Zone at age 28, he decided to move out there and help the people in need by selling them goods and weapons. It took him 4 years to finally reach the Out-Skirts of Chernobyl, but he never gave up until he did.

His bus pulled up to the stop on December 26th, screeching to a stop inches away from the checkpoint. "This is as far as we go," said the Driver. Sergei nodded, standing up out of his seat and pulling down his gas-mask, and walking down the steps of the bus. "Good luck out there," said the Driver, then closing the doors. Sergei watched it drive off, and sighed "No turning back now.". He pulled out his compus, and began to walk North towards the second checkpoint.

A fog rolled throughout the Zone, blinding Sergei from seeing more than 30 feet ahead. The loud cry of a mutant could be heard in the distance, defeaning to the ear. Sergei cocked back his shotgun, moving forward into the fog with caution. The cry grew closer. Scared, Sergei began to look around himself, checking all directions for the sight of this crying beast. Suddenly, gun-shots rang out in the distance, the crying ceasing. Sandbags appeared as the fog dispersed, followed by the yell of a man "Stop right there STALKER!". Sighing with relief, Sergei had realised he reached the second checkpoint.
The man moved closer, examining Sergei. "Are you the Trader?" he said. Sergei nodded. "Alrighty then, we are your guides. Follow me, we're taking you to the locals." the Man said. Sergei nodded again, and began to follow the guides as they walked forward back into the fog.

Why do you wish to join us?: I remember the good ol' times when I was a trader. I want to get those times back, and I want to help the people of the Zone survive by supplying them with goods.

Are you fat?:

Dark Angel

Eet Eet and Genesis won't check your apps for now guys! Point is that i don't know you at all and i don't know how good RPers you are atm.  and rise your postcount atleast to 20.

Everyone who got accepted! Congratulations!

Eet Eet

Aww I would've been more active on servers but since without a flag theres nothing much to do, but I respect your decision.
To this day and beyond no one still knows "Who let the dogs out!"



Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:4200756
SF Name:  |HGN|Rebel
Timezone: Eastern
Time with HGN?: 8 or 9 months
How long have you been roleplaying?: 4 years now.
Why do you want to become a trader?: I love to make money and profit and to sell shit and for different RP experience.. again..
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: Because i've had experience as trader before. I know how to RP and i love money :D
What is the TU?:
T U is Traders Union. They are in control of the zones economy and weapon and item distrubution. They sell and buy from everyone and help the zones economy thrive.


Character name: Jimmy Zelon
Age: 23
Personality: Chill, Relaxed, and Greedy.
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): Trimmed Mustache, left eye is blue, right eye is blue. Somewhat long hair with a fang.
Backround story:
       Jimmy Zelon was born at the age of 0. In New York city Brooklyn. His father, James Zelon owned a small time gas station that was barely enough to meet ends meet. Jimmy would do odd jobs here and there, running cigerates back and forth between paying customers, doing small delivery boy jobs.
       By the time he was 18 and through college, the last day his father was working at the gas station before he handed it off to Jimmy, something happened. At around 8:30 pm, before his father was setting things back up before he would call it a night, a molotov wen't flying through the window right next to Jimmys father. Jimmy looked over, to see his dad burst into flames. Just then, another molotov slammed into the gas tanks locked up outside causeing an explosion. Jimmy had dived out of the window and ran to safety. He looked upon the burning gas station.. His father was dead along with the only way of making money. 2 years later when he was 19, his mother had gotten remarried and gotten Jimmy through college. Jimmy had moved out and into a friends house. around the time when he was 21,  jimmy had become really relaxed and chilled out. He didn't much care for anything unless it involved him getting paid, or getting money in general. He was sitting on the couch, flipping through the channels, until he came upon the news. Hes heard what happened in Ukraine, but hes never really paid much attention. They were talking about "Scientific Explorations and Studies" into whats being called "The Zone". Hes been hearing a lot about these artifacts.. That these scientists are paying a ton of money for them.
         Jimmy started taking language classes on how to speak russian. By the time he was 22 he could speak fluent russian. He took a lot of odd-jobs here and there to raise the money for a plane ticket to the UK, from their to Russia then a few ours by car to the Ukraine. Jimmy stayed in a hotel around the zones border, talking to the civilians here and there about it. One day, he came across a group of veteran stalkers on their way into the zone. After quick discussion, and quiet some money, they stalker helped jimmy sneak into the zone past the military border. He managed to make it to the cordon, their he learned basic survival of the zone. He started moving in slowly past the garbage, going along with groups of mercs and stalkers whenever he can.
        About the time of his 23rd birthday, while coming back from freedom base and heading to duty base, the group of stalkers he was with had decided to take a rest over the night. In the middle of the night, a loud screech, sort of like a banshee awoke the stalkers. Next thing you know, snorks were tackleing them all, ripping their necks and stomachs out. Jimmy ran for around 20 minutes to the duty base. With nothing but a scratch and blood on his coat. he took shelter in the bar and started thinking. The only reason he had come here was for Money right? He took a look around the bar noticing how much money was to be made from a business like this. over the months Jimmy started taking in the business of trading. Artifacts, Guns, Food, Medical supplies, he sold em all. Returning to the bar at duty base, Jimmy confronted the bar man.
"Hey Barman, you happy with your job?"
"Yeah i guess so stalker. Why do you ask?"
"Because... Thinking trying the real thing."

Why do you wish to join us?: I like the experience of trader RP. I like making missions and selling things for a profit and making money... mm... money.... *drools*
Are you fat?:
Hell to the no.

<22:23:04> "Puffles": gofuckyourselfaggot
<22:25:12> You were banned for 5 hours from the server by "Cole" (For trolling)
Never in my life have I ever had to endure 9 yearolds calling me a banana picker, and then get banned afterwards for doing nothing wrong.
Promising Young admins.

Bl★ck Star


Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:5273884
SF Name:[HGN] Black Star
Timezone: GMT +1
Time with HGN?: 13 Month
How long have you been roleplaying?: same as Akira (I started rping in Garrysmod 9)
Why do you want to become a trader?: I like to sell/buy Things and set up missions for others, so people dont get bored
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: There arent that many Traders these days around so i wanted to fill a missing gap for Stalkers
What is the TU?:
TU is the Trader Union, We sell things like weapons, food or a place to sleep, we also buy things like Artifacts, Weapons and things that Stalker found


Character name: Frank Ceda
Age: 24
Personality: Calm, Relaxed
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): Small goatee, Tall, Brown Hairs, 1 Glove on the right Hand
Backround story: Frank Ceda was Born in America, His Mother and Father where Rich and he had a comfortable life. His Father run's the Bussiness "Goldy Drinks" that make's Drinks for Bars. In the School Time he had good Notes in Math and Physics. When he was 18, his Father said he should step into his feets by making his own Bussiness or overtake the Bussiness of his Dad. He decided to start his own Bussines, it was a little Shop called "Drinks N' Goods". He Selled like the name says Drinks and Food or other things for your Daily Needs. You could say it was a small super market. Later when he heard about the Zone he thinked, "Hmm i could make money and help people in the Zone, they're in need of a Good Trader. They dont have much to Eat so i could Sell them Food and Weapons ..." He got the Idea to move into The Zone. There was a Problem the Border to the Zone was guarded good. He looked around and just after the guard turned around the sneaked past him and walked into The Zone just with a backpack of Food, Drinks and some Weapons he got from his Dad. He went Further into the Zone and looked for a good place were much stalkers were around and were he could make his Shop.  He found a nice Place and opened his Shop in a Devasted Building. He went outside the Building and took out a piece of cardboard and wrote on it "Drinks N' Goods". He nailed it on the Wall and the Shop was officialy opened for Stalkers. Stalkers came and went in Time for Food and Weapons. Now he his sitting in his Building drinking some Vodka and is Running a bussiness. What the future has for him only knows God
Why do you wish to join us?:I like to passive rp and beeing a Trader, seting up missions and have a relaxed talk with Stalkers and to hear they're stories.
Are you fat?:
Hell no.



Steam ID:
SF Name:Zarrick


Time with HGN?:Tons

How long have you been roleplaying?: A long time

Why do you want to become a trader?: Because I was one and I loved it.

Why should I pick you to become a trader?: Because I have prior experience with being the second ever richest trader on the server (A Million, and a Helicopter. Aw yeah) apart from Bagelz.

What is the TU?:
A union of traders that operate in the Zone.


Character name:Wine
Personality:Enthusiastic, Generous,

Descritption(Looks,traits etc):Never seen without a mask, Wine never removes his mask(s) in Public, so therefore his face is unknown, he is usually seen in his signature Exoskeleton Gasmask until it recently broke down and decided to change outfits for a while, and to rack his cash backup once again, after he mysteriously lost it.

Backround story: Wine came to the Zone, began in the Union, made it big and then was, unfortuantly removed for reasons unknown to the Public, afterwards Wine was never seen again until earlier today he strode up to the Trainyard, the only recognisable detail about this mysterious, masked stalker was the fact he was masked, and also smelled of Wine...he shouted "Wine, never gets worse, Wine only gets better with age!", he then turned, leaving the yard in an awkard, prolonged silence...the Return of Wine, As vintage as they come.

Talk and rumours spawned that very same day, a stalker by the name of Overkill began searching Wine, only for it to be in vain until that hour...Overkill found a bottle of Wine in the yard, a goblet and a read "Wine only gets better with age", an obivous reference to this mysterious, yet hearty Trader that once filled the stalkers of this side of the Zones pockets...and his own pockets. His heart wasnt as BIG as his wallet, but it was still big enough to help, he wasnt greedy like most traders, he wanted to be fair to all...but still make a buck. Like he has once done so.

Simply, the Wine bottle was then taken by Overkill, a Loner and he hid it in his drink it earlier to find a Wine-stained note at the very bottom saying, "Dear Reader, I am back...yes, that is me...Wine, come and speak to me when I have set up shop somwhere the "TU Deems me worthy" of...", Overkill simply placed the note into his backpack...stinking up the backpack, corrupting with that Wine "Effect", this was also a way of identifying people...people that would either be buisness partners, or just lucky people in general.

Overkill, then sleeps with the note, of the return of the Wine "As vintage as they come" in his Backpack, playing along with Wines little games, he tells noone...not even the local Stalker leader that he had grown to be partial friends after a failed stash-raid, dusk lays over the Zone...what will happen soon? Tomorrow? The day after maybe...or maybe even never, what if it was fake and some "Bandit" wanted to take a piece of Overkills gear, who knows...but we will ALL know soon enough if this return note, is infact true.

Everyone will always remember Wine, just like real Wine. Wine always gets better with age.

"Names Wine, as Vintage as they come" - Wine.

.// Shizzle I said Wine about 20 times in that.

Why do you wish to join us?: Been there, done it before. Going to do it again.

Are you fat?: Hell naw.