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Tool Trust Unban or Dispute's

Cobra · 603

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  • Thats all I got to say about that.

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Steam Id:
Time at HGN:
Time banned from TT:
Who banned it?
What was your TT banned?:(BE HONEST)

Extra Comments:

Make a cleared description of exactly what happen I will take statements from other players and or admins if need be. I would advise you to take your time with your post as well because it shows me if you really want TT back or not.
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Reply #1 on: 09-11-2009
Name: Scoutfreak[CP]
Steam Id:STEAM_0:1:18189187
Time at HGN:3-2 months
Time banned from TT: Not said
Who banned it? Plunger
What was your TT banned?:(BE HONEST) I deleted part of his room of his base out of rage because he took th AU base location, i don't even know why i did it it because hes not even using the spot anymore.
Notes: I got mad for all the wrong reasons and i am very sorry,  i shouldn't use tt to let loose my anger and instead get over the stupid things i get mad at.

Extra Comments:


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Reply #2 on: 10-01-2010
Name: MangoMan
Steam Id: STEAM_0:1:24297242 03:28 115 0
Time at HGN: Since May of last year.
Time banned from TT: I dont know
Who banned it? Tunndruff took it.
What was your TT banned?:(BE HONEST) I made a Gold car and was driving around the zone, and made me invis so i could move the car and icly be in it.
Then i invised Chaos because he got in the car, and i told him to stay right next to it.
Then Tunndruff took my tt and had to go.

Extra Comments:
I was only going to rp this for a little bit untill my car ran out of gas, or someone shot it.


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Reply #3 on: 11-01-2010
Ima give it back today, just... Like, a GOLD car? Seems a bit expensive. Now if it was a shitty old beater, that would make more sense.

If someone can, toss this bro his Tool Trust.


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Reply #4 on: 08-02-2010
Steam Id:STEAM_0:0:6858817
Time at HGN:Since christmas
Time banned from TT:Not stated just a "Banned from tooltrust by Strelock Holmes"
Who banned it? Strelock holmes
Why was your TT banned?:(BE HONEST): I had propsurfed a while back and i admitted to doing it after being caught. So today i was messing with a fence/wall for my hut and it flung me up to the top of the map. I deleted it and dropped down. Then Strelock bans me from my TT and physgun. End of story.
Notes:Unintentional, I'll be more careful

Extra Comments: All he said was "ive seen you prop surf before" Bam taken away. ONCE BEFORE?!?!?

Going to talk to Strelock about this. Will remain banned from TT until I can sort this out.

EDIT: 1 Week ban.

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