To those who don't know: A new faction is rising BEVA INC!

Started by Locke, 04-08-2009

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Hey There HGN!

I'm here to tell you guys that I have brought back to life one of my factions from the past.

The faction's name is BEVA Inc.

It is lead by an eccentric man named Charles Winchester and you can find out more about him here.

If you want to read about what the faction does go here.

Be informed, this is a passive roleplay faction.
We are in need of members, and we have requirement for two types of players; Guards and Reporters.



I never knew this faction, but I know similar factions from other RPs, this faction makes me nervous.

Dark Angel

Fuck you are genius that you added passive fun reporter faction!

Don't let it die! And you will be my lord!


Great faction. I'm a reporter, really good passive. When I'm not on my mili I'm on this! :D


Oh yeah I saw you as Winchester on the server yesterday ! Too bad I had to shoo you away from that glowing green egg that was in the military base..

Is this faction the only passive RP one ?
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Keep asking questions about BEVA, I'll answer them