The Traders Union of Chernobyl

Started by Bagelz, 02-09-2009

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Where the greatest of professional business men and money eccentric inhabitants gather, these are the Zones "true" economical genius's. People of the Traders Union come from all over the world, and the ethnicity of the Traders Union is not found anywhere else. Trading itself is an art, and requires much proper thought and brain-power. It takes the best of economical professionals to qualify to earn the title of a trader. Traders themselves are interesting people, and have a mind of thinking and psychological thought like no others when it comes to business. The ability of our people allows us to benefit the Zone in every way imaginable. For example; with the abilities we possess, we can benefit people in any-way. Our ability to buy and import the highest quality of guns, armor, and other items, and then sell them to distributors to be sold allows people to access goods they can find nowhere else.

The Traders Union mission is to create an economy that benefits the Zone's inhabitants, while creating a profit for a union of workers that makes income and profit through honest work. We are to help everyone, for everyone is equal. We are to serve goods to everyone, for they are our friends. We shall stand by the mighty crimson flag of the Traders Union in our line of work, and we shall wave it proudly.

We are here to help. We are here to benefit. We are here to strive, study, survey, sell, and succeed. We are the Traders Union, and the mighty crimson flag we hold; we shall wave it proud, and truly.