The Sanctioned: Description/Roster/Faction Relations

Started by Steel, 22-01-2010

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The Sanctioned...It had been a long hard few years for The Sanctioned, the death of Thade signalled the splitting of this... fellowship, this group that defended other loners from the hell within the zone, after retribution, three young men prayed for its revival, and here it is, defending other loners.
The Sanctioned is back.

The Roster

The Head
Thades best friend, the man who followed in his footsteps.
Valentin Dragonov (Dug)

The Co-Leader
The Closest friend of the Head, they had been through alot.
Artyom Pietrenko (Kieck)

Master Stalkers
The Closest friends of the head stalker, his guidence, they help decide on new applicants and general decisions. Very highly respected. Founders of the group.

Expert Stalkers
Highly Experienced Stalkers, been in the zone for a while, highly respected, concentrate on looking after the lesser stalkers.

Veteran Stalkers
The heart of the group, men and women perfectly able to deal with any issues, group problems, and highly effecient in fire fights. Average Respect level.

Experienced Stalkers
Recently gained enough experience to lift themselves out from being a rookie. They are now capable of wondering around on their own. First Respect level.
Gibbons (KillSlim)

New additions for the group, they came seeking guidence, and they will get it here. They will earn their respect, and they will respect those above them. Incapable of taking on tasks on their own.
Arthur 'Night' Hutchinson (Doom)


Those who will always be remembered
Those who made, fought, honored, set an example, gave a right path for The Sanctioned to follow and all other stalkers.
Thade - R.I.P (Jackal/Steel)
'Hunter' - Unknown (Jackal/Steel)

Group Trader
The man who supplies all of sanctioned and is very respected in the clan.
'Ghost' (Sharrock)

Friends of The Sanctioned
Those who have dedicated them selves to helping The Sanctioned and spending time with them.
Quake (Midnight)
'Pilgrim' (Bielecki)

Faction Relations

Black Rain:Neutral

N/A - Not Applicable
Friendly - Friendly
Content - Content
Neutral - Neutral
Angry - Angry
Hostile - Hostile