The L85A2

Started by Steel, 23-09-2009

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Where is it? is it on the server?
Coz me being british, and a recruit currently in the british army would love to see it, its a fine weapon! Unlike its predecessor, The A1, the A2 is amazing.
And if your going for stalker authenticity then why not?
I think in both stalkers its an A1, im not quite sure.
Is it possible to get it in the server?


We don't have it anymore because the Rifle's model was too consuming in terms of server bandwith, if someone could go through the trouble of making one that was up to the server's terms and swep standardization then we could have the weapon back.


If it was the actual model holy baJesus.
If not then its just a quick texture fix and you should probably send me what was being used.
<3 being able to reduce file size by several megabytes without loosing too much quality.


Ah it would be amazing to have it in the game... im a big fan of the game, and the rifle!

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Does noone recall this topic on the development part of the fourms?

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That rifle is awesome, its very accurate and I see many stalkers in the game with it, and, being a Britland citizen it'd be awesome to wield it =D



I'd love to see this weapon in the game because i want on the server with the old map or when they had this gun i owuld love a chance to use it.
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