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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an extremely old faction from way back when. This is the original faction application I made, it is poorly written and has bad grammar, forgive me. Some of the characters have names next to them of people who no longer play here. Again, ignore that. This is being posted simply to see if anyone is still interested in it as a concept, and whether I should attempt to revitalize it and try to get it accepted. Please post your thoughts.

Four STALKERS crept through the brush, keeping on eye on the lone man making his way towards the town. The man was clutching a radiant object closely to his chest, an object the STALKERS were all to eager to get there hands on. Making a motion, the most courageous of the four lead them quitely into position. One of them had a sawn off shotgun, two had Makarov Pistols, and the final one, well he figured all he needed to stay alive were his wits. As you will soon see, His wits wont be enough.  The point man heaved his shotgun to his shoulder and carefully aimed forward as the man crossed into his sight. Thinking it an easy victory, the pointman squeezed off a shot, and felt the gratifying kick of a particularly deadly round of buckshot. The viscouse slugs sped towards the unsuspecting man...and then slowed and fell to the ground as the object in his hand glowed. The Pointman didnt even have time to register disbelief as the man turned and threw the artifact at him. The Stalker, a stupid grin on his face, reached out for the artifact thinking the man had surrendered to his fate.
           The man knew something the stalker didn't however, that the man possessed several Urchins attached to his bleeding skin that, at the cost of constant pain, protected him from the artifacts nasty side affects. The Pointman didn't. As his flesh peeled off his skin, one of the pistol wielding novices started to back up, as the other raised his gun to fire. The bullet that left the Stalkers pistol was much more inaccurate than the bullet that left the man's, as one flew wildly into the ground and the other punctured a jugular. The bleeding stalker fell to the ground, clutching his neck and breathing the foul stench of the pointmans sizzling corpse as his lifesblood spilled, never to be recovered. It was at this time that the Unarmed Stalker decided he should use his much flaunted 'wits' and retrieve the shotgun laying several yards away from his rather unintelligent assosciate who had thrown it to the side in favour of the Irradiated Artifact.
           The man noticed this movement, and swiveled his Fort-15 to train on this rather headstrong Stalker. The man dared a smile as he began to squeeze the trigger, and with a BANG his smile left his face and firmly attached itself to the soil. You see, while the Second of the Pistol duo watched his friend bleed out, he had also finally brought his gun to train on the Man, the man who had foolishly used his protective artifact as a distraction.

                                                           The whole encounter lasted less than 20 seconds.

           The victorious pistol wielding stalker leaned over the the dead man, patting him down for valuables. From behind him he heard a rather meek voice ask    "So with the uh...the other two dead... I suppose we split the commision 50-50?"   
           The Victor almost laughed aloud, but instead called out to the Stalker with the so called 'wits' with a rather condescending voice.  "Listen twerp, you came with us without a gun, and havent helped us since they commisioned us. Your lucky if i let you have the shit off our pointman."   

           The Victor's condescending voice and aggressive demeanor were drowned out from the even more condescending and agressive sounding shotgun blast. Mr. 'Witsy' had indeed achieved his goal of retrieving the shotgun, and apparently was expierienced enough to know which end pointed towards 'victim' .  The Staker who had appeared meek before now confidentaly stripped the commisioned target of the Urchins and then retrieved the Artifact and stripped the bodies of supplies. The suddenly not so dull witted, and even moreso not-so-unarmed, Stalker made his way through the Forest with an ease that betrayed him as one of the more Expierienced Stalkers to grace the zone. Finally arriving at the pre-arranged dropoff spot, he was greeted with the site of four Mercenaries milling around, and one of them approached him. 

           "You Facade?" The Mercanary asked.      Facade smirked and brought the artifact out of his bag.  "Yea, and I have the delivery."

    The Mercenary looked the man over Skeptically,  " Wheres the other three?"      Facade just smiled and said "They decided it would be best to let me have 100% of the earnings."

          Another Mercenary walked up and took the Artifact without turning into an irradiated husk, obviously knowing what to expect, while the first one raised his hand up, a glittering object palmed in it.
           Facade started to raise a hand to take the payment before he quickly realized that this was the kind of payment that was delivered, not given. Once his body was dragged away, the first mercenary, who we will now Refer to as 'Swipe' turned to the second Mercenary, 'Leech' . Swipe spoke with an ease often reserved for expirienced Orators "Take the Artifact to the Egghead, and see if C.W. is awake and ready to tell us what were after next."

//  General Info: The Genesis Isotope is a group of Mercenaries who are not well known in the zone. Perhaps that is best. They are a small group, and the death of one hits them all pretty hard, there motives are rather obscure, but it seems apparant that they hold no regard for anyone they deem below them, yet treat equals and comrades with the utmost respect. Noone is sure who they work for or why, but it seems the work they are primarily involved with is Artifact Retrievel, yet they are not often seen personally traversing the zone, instead using proxy groups and Loners to do there work for them. This is not to say they are inept however, as they are as deadly as one should expect of seasoned veterans of the Zone. They do not accept just any artifact however, and it seems they are interested in specific artifacts, regardless of there effictiveness or worth.
     It is apparent that they have a specific task, yet what and why is up to speculation to the few stalkers who know about them.

        OOC Shit:  If this gets ACCPT as a Mercenary group than the way i will do aplications is I will post a "Cast" of Charecters in the group, complete with bios and in depth descriptions, and you will "Audition" for the part. Do not expect to get in if you are new, I am looking for a more passive and RPish crowd for this one, as much of it will be "in the camp" style RP. Do not join if you expect to get paid shitloads or get 1337 guns or participate in over 9000 Faction wars. I expect maturity.    Almost noone will know of us, and we will stay beyond the town mostly. if a Stalker Finds our base we will either lie about who we are and our purpose, or we will execute them.

   Contract work is not out of the question, Yet we do have a primary goal (One I will inform you of if you get in). If a faction manages to 'discover' Us, we may work for them if they pay us enough, yet do not expect us to be your personal army, and do not expect to just "LOL FOUND YA" either, it will have to be HEAVY ASS RP.

     We do not interact with normal Stalkers, unless for a specific task. We are very Introverted, and do not wish to become involved with the rest of the zone.

     PREEMPTIVE CAST (this may change or be extended)

           Clockwork: Leader of the Genisis Isotope. A veteran of the Zone, and he fancies himself an 'Expert' On human behavior, but this has yet to be proven to anyone but himself. Haughty and Intelligent, his years of planning his intricate webs have perhaps taken the edge off his combat expertise.        Played By, Judas
           Savant: An Ecologist within the group, unclear if he is with them willingly, or if he is a tool to their ends   I Want an actual Eco Fag for this one, as in already have flags.     Auditions Open, PM me.

            Swipe- Snide and and spiteful, he is also the most persuasive of the group, and often functions as their "Voice"  Years of talking his way out of problems have slowly degenerated his survival instincts however, and he will have to work hard if he wishes to hone them again. Friends with LeechPlayed by Sickness
            Leech- Perhaps the most reserved of the group, he says little, yet when he speaks its often best to listen. He is the Most Expierienced of the four, and perhaps the toughest when it comes to long journeys and longer nights. The kind of man you want at your side in a firefight, Nonetheless it seems as if he is a bit slow, perhaps explaining why his few statements are filled with wisdom, because he thought about them for a long time. A very long time.  Friends with Swipe Played by Deathcon

          Mask- Although he was once a bandit, he is suprisingly one of the more compassionate of the group, when it suits his fancy. He Is adept with most forms of weaponry, but is the newest in the group and the newest to the zone. A few of the others, particularly Swipe, Dislike him for this   OPEN .

           Wither- The most religouse of the four, he has a cross that hangs from his neck which he ritually rubs for goodluck when times get rough. The most accurate with a rifle, he is often the one assigned with more distance orianted missions, and you could call him a sniper if you wished. his spotter is usually Mask, who makes up for Withers usual silence with a steady stream of conversation that never shows a hint of stopping. Wither earned his name because his most successful ploy is to shoot a man in the gut from a few hundred yards, and then wait for Whichever the most compassionate is of his group to come back for him. The there are two men withering away in the dust.  Friends with Maskplayed by Locke

Travesty  Always seen with one of his assorted SMGs, he is an expirienced scout and 'locator' of provisions, although the means by which he attains his supplies are questionable. Seemingly without a moral code, he disdains religion and Wither by extension. This does not necessarily mean he is cruel or evil however, he usually makes decisions based off of benefits to himself or his group instead of what he thinks his personally right. This usually makes his decisions more rational than those around him, but it is difficult to trust him in all situations, as he often fails ot account for the moral guidelines of others when making his 'on the spot' improvisations. Good friends with Skim    OPEN   
  ** This charecter is not evil, he can most easily be described as Nuetral Lawful for you D&Ders. 

Skim  i think skim is a prety col guy, eh has no bio yet and doesnt afraid of nothing


Guest Appearances:

            Gruel-  The Cook. Unbeknownst to most, he actually carries a great deal of power within the group, mainly because without him they would all be eating expired sausage seasoned with grass. Extremely good at improvising even on the longest of sojourns, yet it is best not to ask what went into his "Generic Suprise Stew"   OPEN, PM me

           Mend- The only trained medic in the group, many a times has he prescribed vodka to fix a laceration, but when it comes right down to it hes a damn good Doctor, doing the best with what hes got.  OPEN PM ME
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If this group gets accepted, I reserve the right to boot any Actor from his role and replace him if i am dissatisfied, or PK any member of the cast.  The Actual Stories for Apps will be lengthier than the overviews I have posted here.


Reiterating, Locke and Deathcon and Sickness are not in the factions. And there are not Apps open. This is just an archived faction app and I wanted peoples thoughts on it


I love the fact I am still leech. I loved Rping him


This would have been a great group if it went along well.
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I still hop on Wither once in a while.

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I remember this....Couldn't you have added a discription for Skim this many months later... >.>


I'm still interested in travesty. Plan on making it again?

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I'd like to play Mask perhaps, Mend <But I don'twant to be just a guest, I like In-Depth RP.>, Leech, or maybe even Swipe <Though I don't really think I can be snide and spiteful... I can use charisma though, and I'm not that good in battle.>. But I'm a female. If you are ok with it, PM me on SF, ok? Steamname: kisftw


Quote from: kisftw on 16-02-2010
I'd like to play Mask perhaps, Mend <But I don'twant to be just a guest, I like In-Depth RP.>, Leech, or maybe even Swipe <Though I don't really think I can be snide and spiteful... I can use charisma though, and I'm not that good in battle.>. But I'm a female. If you are ok with it, PM me on SF, ok? Steamname: kisftw

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