The Five'n Silver.

Started by IceFire, 04-01-2010

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Well... It all started off that day, the day of the meltdown...

I was a member of a hardcore gang living in the streets of Chernobyl, life was tough but we got a living committing armed robbery on the outskirts and slums of the city. My gang: there were six of us, Me, Lox, Blade, Nikolai, Aeris and finally our boss, Gray... We were a right crew. 
Lox; he was my best mate, he was the... you could say nicest, but he wasn't.  He was the friendliest one of the crew; he used to have a chat with the people before we stuck a cap up their ass, and he used to tell jokes, and made us all laugh. I spent a lot of time with him when we were not waving our guns around the air. We played pool, and drank the good old Vodka together.
Blade; he was real badass... I mean you wouldn't want to put a finger in the way of his black ass; he was one tough killing machine that didn't stop chewing on their life till they took their last breath. The whole 25 Stone and 7 feet of him was pure muscle and not one single ounce innocence.
Nikolai; he was the most annoying, cocky piece of shit that I have ever met in my life! He was all self centred, only caring about one thing: Himself.  Apart from being cocky, he was also a woman's man chatting'em all up, god he was annoying at times.
Aeris; she was the only female in the gang, god she was pretty, although she was a dark seducer. She lured the men in with her stunning looks, and then when they were not looking, she would slice their throat. She was pretty to look at, but there was evil behind that perfect skin.
Grey; he was the typical gang boss, quiet, older, intelligent, rich, and bloody powerful. He was the most respected man in the city. He could have a man killed with the wave of a finger. I didn't know much about him, I didn't talk to him, and he was way too scary. I only ever saw him three times in my life, when I joined, and two "special" jobs.
Lastly, myself; I like to think myself of the most relaxed member. I didn't care about much, cept my two golden Deagles, god, they were beasts. Me and my guns, we were best partners in crime, we went everywhere with them, and nobody messed with them. I was the most skilful fighter out of all of us.
Now you know who I was, now how I ended up in the zone...
Well, back in the days of Chernobyl, the zone was just a load of normal fields and building, not much to it... nobody knew it would be special. Our gang base was in an area of the zone, near a ware house. We used to drive out there every morning to anywhere we though had a bit of spare cash we could borrow.
Anyway, the day of the meltdown was the day everything changed. It was a normal day, we started off like any other day, getting up washing our mouths out with vodka, and we then popped in the car, and drove downtown. We were observing the day, seeing what shops had the best gear to steal.
We came across this arms store, the weapons they had in there were mind blowing, it was pretty top security, but as we were, we knew we would succeed.
Anyway, we looked at the building for a while, managing to hack the council network, and we found a blue-print of the house. When that was done, we went to a small abandoned house where we planned out next move of the attack. Nikolai and Aeris were to be the first ones to engage, they were going to be the distraction. They would walk in the front door with their weapons hidden, and start talking with the store owner. While this talk was going on, I and Lox were to infiltrate the back of the building. We would use a lock pick to open the door to the loading bay. From there we were to plant high, precision explosives on any high security doors that we could find. As the notice went off, Aeris, and Nikolai would keep the public and store owners busy and quiet.
Well, we knew how we were getting in there, but the thing was getting out safely. That's where Grey and Blade came in. Grey was waiting in the ally way out the back ready to pick us up and get out. Blade was our backup if the cops came. He was hiding outside where nobody could see him, its kind hard to hide a big guy like that, but we managed.
So... all planned out, we travelled to the store. Myself and Lox doing as we planned, Nikolai and Aeris did as they were told. Myself and Lox broke through the back, finding the weapons, we heard Nikolai talking to the people, we then managed to get out the back successfully. We came to the loading bay, Grey was not there. We couldn't wait so we took the weapons up the ally towards the main street. There our car was the other side of the road. Grey, you stupid man... he had fallen asleep at the wheel, and forgot all about us. That's what you get for working with old men... Anyway, I ran across the road, leaving Lox with the gear. It only took a few bangs on the window to wake Grey up in a shock. He started his engine, that's when we heard it...
Sirens came buzzing down the street, the cops were here. Lox quickly rushed across the street opening the boot to pile to guns in. The cops were here, caught us red handed, the cars swerved around us, creating a wall. Nikolai and Aeris ran out the shop holding their LR300's with both hands. Us four and the car, we stood there against a wall of cars, cops and a shit load'a guns aiming straight for us. Silence fell down on us, I remembered Blade, where the hell was he. I looked around, trying to see him, and then he came into my eye. He was on a park bench, reading a bloody newspaper. What an odd sight. A big old guy with a bloody machinegun on his back on a park bench... H e really wasn't good at this stuff. He suddenly got up, walking towards us, not knowing there was a wall of cops. He popped round the corner, suddenly un-slinging his big ass gun...
We stood there, a line of Six, and a car revealing the gear we stole. I had two options: I had some high explosives on the inside of my jacket ready to be tosses out and detonated. Or, I could take a flash grenade that was on the belt of lox's jacket and toss it into the middle of the road.
The police called over to us: "Lay down your arms and we will not use force!"... I mean, did they really think we would give up that easy? I was about to reach for the flash grenade when I heard that sound.
There were sounds of a high pitched siren coming from the distance, suddenly screaming and crying, i looked to the distance to see the nuclear plant on fire. I knew this was bad. The police were distracted, they lowered their guns slightly, I knew this was the time.... I pulsed myself over to Lox, placing my hand on his flash grenade. I pulled it off his belt, releasing the pin then letting go. It dropped onto the floor, making a small bounce after the hit; I called to the rest to run. I covered my eyes, and ran for the car. The rest soon noticed I was making a runner, and joined me jumping into the car. All five doors shut close, we sped down the street. Bullet rounds fired at the window behind us. We swerved to the right down an ally, then to the left down another street, quickly turning into a car park, then out the other side. The coppers were too stunned to realise what happened, I guess we made a neat getaway.
We reached our base; all six of us stepped out of the car, looking towards the City. Smoke ascended from the city as people ran and screamed. Cars and busses were quickly driving away as fast as they could.
Grew also knew what was happening, it was the meltdown of the reactor, he knew about this new technology, and was hoping to get some for himself. Luckily we had Grey, and he had built a special bunker for us below the base. Don't know how he knew it would blow, all I knew what that I was lucky.
Well, as you would, we went into the bunker, it was pretty big. It had these lead and concrete walls bout three meters thick, with a shit load food and supplies inside. He told me that we would not go outside for a few months, I could believe why... It was hell living down there, nothing to do, cept beat the crap outa everyone.
The time passes and we left the bunker. Coming out was a new world, everything was changed, and I didn't know why. We decicded to go our own ways for a while, and salvage what we could. I did so and learnt about this shithole.

All I gotta say is that is that there aint no rest for the wicked, only till the day we close our eyes. My mate Lox told me that, shame he is gone now...