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That Didn't Quite Work - Kiril Ivanov's Ascension to Freedom's Leader *NON CANON

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((Alright some people expressed interest in seeing this story. I wrote it as my app for Freedom leader. Tundruff won Freedom so most of the things in this story no longer hold but it's basically the IC first-person explanation for how Kiril would have inherited the position. Again this is NON CANON for any characters mentioned (well other than the stuff that already did happen like my house arrest and what not). Plunger and some others wanted me to retcon the story a bit to account for their characters but since this isn't going to count anyway I say fuck it and here's the original version.

As always, please let me know what you think. I'm probably going to come up with a second bloodsucker story soon (though ThY might beat me to that, and I'll probably have something for Kiril Ivanov soon once I do something epic as him.))

To: Lukash, Freedom Supreme Commander, Army Warehouses
From: Kiril Ivanov

Greetings brother. I trust things up North are going well. They can't be worse than what's going on here anyway. Infighting and cowardice have taken over down South. I know I volunteered to come down here and help train this branch of the faction back up but things got carried away. This is my report on the incident.

I arrived down South a few weeks ago. The faction was in shambles. Several Freedomers had been brutally killed by military elements and Duty was quite strong. I brought with me a Loner I had met who somehow managed to wander his way into Dark Valley and got him set up. Tenel Arise got off his ass and recruited some new bodies as well but it was evident we would lose in a straight up fight against Duty. I took to training these new recruits and we slowly but surely gathered a fighting force. By this time Duty and the Military were going at it and I saw this as a good time to strike. A rookie and I infiltrated Duty's base and raided their bar, stealing mostly alcohol and wounding 2 Dutyers in the process. I expected this raid to raise moral but instead Tenel placed me on house arrest and executed the rookie. This was the first evidence of Tenel's incompetence as leader.

I assumed it was just to save face with Freedom so Duty wouldn't raid us and voiced my displeasure but continued following orders. The problem was Tenel was always out in the Zone and never back at base tending to his troops. Duty saw that as a measure of weakness and broke the cease fire Tenel had brokered with them. Naturally I was furious for there being a cease fire in the first place, but taht first raid also resulted in the deaths of several of the new recruits and brought us back to square 1. Compounding the problem was the other office, Yurich Klassock who was a spineless, ass-kissing coward. Despite Duty's blatant disregard for the ceasefire still Tenel would not authorize a retaliatory strike. I knew I had to take action as the current ranking officer with some sense left. I hope you will forgive me for how this turned out but sometimes you must amputate the limb to save the body...

I gathered as many supporters as I could as quietly as I could. Several of the other transfers from the Army Warehouses agreed that Tenel needed to step down. I managed to win over some of the rookies too. We launched the coupe last night. We managed to capture Tenel, Yurich, and most of the higher rankers without a struggle, though Yurich refused to go quietly and managed to shoot one of my men before I put him down with a 2 round burst to the face. I told Tenel that he was being replaced and that he was unfit to lead and his current path was taking us to ruin. He didn't like that news. I tried to keep from enraging him but he reached for his Desert Eagle and I had no choice. I put a round through his forehead. We buried the bodies outside the compound. I had hoped things would go smoother but...well they didn't.

Currently I have assumed command as I am unsure if the other officers are fit to after seeing me kill Yurich and Tenel. My goals are to consolidate my forces and see who is left. I fear we might have some deserters in the chaos. I plan to recruit more and try to get the local S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Loner population to see Freedom's base as a safe haven of sorts similar to Duty's Bar in Rostok. Once we have a large enough force I plan to take the fight to the Military first. They have our blood on their hands, brother. Duty is weak from their fight with the Military and are not a threat right now. We will take the fight to the military and try to deal them a knockout blow, at best we can force them out of this sector of the Zone. There will be no cease fires, at least not without some 3rd party mediation we can count on to prevent surprise attacks as that nearly ruined us 2 weeks ago.

All in all things have gone about as well as can be expected. I hope, brother, that under my leadership Freedom will thrive. Ideally we will become like you in the Army Warehouses: stable, strong, and secure. I apologize for my actions but I feel they were necessary.

Stay Safe Brother
Kiril Ivanov, Acting Commander - Southern Freedom Faction


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its epic, good that you didnt make 5 posts about one fight, cause if you could, it would be boring
you are epic story writer man i hope that there will be new stories about your stalker

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