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Started by Zero, 30-09-2009

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Does anyone really care to have a title of Master or so in the rp? First start off as a rookie then for every 3 weeks of good rp you advance? Titles from worst to best, Rookie,Novice,Adept,Experienced,Veteran,Expert,Master,Past Master and so on


We have that sort of in the exp-vet flags but those are donator only so they aren't common. Honestly it really should just be based on the honor system. As an admin I don't want to be keeping track of a billion players to let them know every 3 weeks that they rank up. They should be smart enough to know when their character is good.


Yeah, but after people put the experienced title on, it will never get higher because if they put Master on then, it goes "LOL yeah right you n00b" anyways, we don't really need to track anyone, this is just a suggestion to normal people without donator flags.


It's an okay idea, maybe change the OP to make it clearer?


Should make it like have people vote for you to level or something. If your RP is good and your scavenging is good. And things like that. Because time i nthe zone doesn't mean anything if you don't go out and get dirty. ;)


Sounds cool enough
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