Stalker admin position open.

Started by Sharrock, 17-05-2013

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We are currently looking for an admin for Stalker that is in an EU time zone. If you are interested reply below or fill out an application for the position.
|HGN-STSA| Doomburger: Kay, bend over under that guillotine.
|HGN-STSA| Doomburger: ...
|HGN-STSA| Doomburger: Wait.
Sharrock: Homo
|HGN-STSA| Doomburger: Fuck.

Tom: Look at the roster
Doomburger: "110th Regiment Blood Company Reaper Squad Roster
Started by Doomburger"
Doomburger: get my name off
Doomburger: I beg you
Doomburger: I may have done some ridiculous things, but come on


I guess I'll be "Interested" in becoming an Admin.


Quote from: Rarr on 19-05-2013I guess I'll be "Interested" in becoming an Admin.

so you're "interested", but not actually interested.
Blake.H: And im also working on whipping him into shape
Blake.H: He's nice
Blake.H: He doesn't moan
Blake.H: The sheer obedience is enough to fuel my erection anyway



I would but it says EU so ye.