Seeker Sherble's Back story.

Started by WeaponfChoice, 03-02-2010

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Well, let's see here. It all began back in my home town Kimovo, Russia. I

began my life there, growing up as a hunter and a doctor. I made my living off of killing the

small amount of game I could find and selling it cheap to the shops around my small village.

In my spare time I walked around the village finding ways to help people (mainly consisted

of healing wounds checking for disease). My father was a very quiet person, he had a hard

life and he didn't seem to bother talk to me very much at all. I hoped to learn more about

the man but before I was even five years old he went on a hunting trip and never came

back, he was presumed dead. My mother was the more friendly type, she helped almost

everyone it seemed and that is where I got my great communications skill. I also had a

brother whose name was Shiff. To my knowledge he was a good man but as we got older I

saw less and less of him (he got involved with the wrong people). He was in great debt to

the "Monsters" (what we called the bad people) of our village and he was shot 5 times in

the head, I had to sit there and watch it all happen.

                Years went by of doing the same things for my whole life, killing game, healing

wounds, killing game and healing wounds. When I was 24 I thought it would be best to go

out looking for a "better" life and my mother thought I should too. I began my traveling in

the direction of Ukraine, I have gained much knowledge from my travels and heard many

things, but I heard one piece of advice that changed my life completely. In a small city

somewhere in Russia a scientist by the name of Petrenko told me of these great foreign

artifacts. He did not know much about them and neither did I, but what I did know is I

wanted to venture to "The Zone" to see what it has in store. The nice man gave the

directions on how to get there, and in order for me reach my destination I had to work for

an evil man for a whole year doing his dirty work of selling drugs. I will tell you right now

that so far, were the absolute worst year of my life. In exchange for doing his awful work,

he put me on his armored car and off I went in the direction of The Zone.

              He dropped me off as close as possible to the zone, which was in the woods

somewhere nearby. I told him to bring a letter I wrote back to my mom who was probably

worrying sick about me, but I doubt he even brought it close to her. I was now 25 years old

and I've already been through so much but I've yet to be through so much more. I had with

me my knife and my medical kit to help me along my way. The driver brought me closer than

expected to the zone and within a few days, I arrived at my destination. I carefully walked

closer to a swamp where a number of people were gathered outside of a trading shop. I

met a few faces that I still talk to today and some I wish I had never met. I experienced my

first "blowout", I guess is what they call it around here. I could not even explain to you how

fast my heart was pumping that day, but luckily I had the help of a friendly STALKER. Later

that night, I attempted to mug a loner for his cash but he pulled a shotgun out and shot me

in the leg (a mistake I will never make again). I healed myself up with the few supplies I

had left. Over the next few days I just talked with the STALKERS and tried to learn more

about certain factions. I talked with a Freedomer named Thomas Wainscott and he helped

me in my knowledge about the zone. I was in one of the Trading camps and we were

attacked by a blood sucker, I had recently armed myself with a Makarov and I ran out to aid

my fellow STALKERS. Thomas and I were gunning down the monster as it charged us

numerous times. I guess I pulled off a lucky shot because the next and final shot heard was

from my Makarov, I popped him right in the back of the head and he dropped like a sack of

weights. Though it seemed no one really cared, I felt like it was the best moment of my



Good start! The text could be another color tho.. It feels like my eyes are burning D:


haha Thanks, okay ill change up the text for yah


Hawke (The main character of Dragon Age 2) named after me :D


Nice, I liked reading it, But you should edit it a bit, its like every word is raping the next word, make new lines, etc.


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