Rublev's small documentation of the Zone.

Started by Bielecki, 25-01-2010

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My time in the Zone has been eventful. I've witnessed many things, many things I thought I would never see. Many things I never wished to see.
My name is Rublev and I've been documenting my experiences in the zone.
With the camera and the pen, I have been capturing moments of Friendship, loyalty, betrayal, desperation, and death.

I will share with you some photo's I have collected.

This man was collecting scrap metal from the swamp; it's most likely he was going to pawn it to a trader.

A terrifying sight; the legendary Pseudodog. They have terrific hearing, lucky for me that this mutant was far too occupied on the dead rookie.

Shortly after a blowout, I left my shelter. I came across this man, he was starring into the sky. I asked if he was ok, he did not reply. I feared the worst of what had become of him.

A lone Stalker taking a stroll. He came into the Zone looking for money. A common reason.

This is a picture of myself, just before i was dropped of into the Zone.

All these pictures were made in garrysmod, and edited in Photoshop by myself.
I will most likely be making more of these. Creating pictures of events and people on the server.


Not bad,but you could add more text.

lol'd at Soviet Army hat.
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Excelent work, you could depict some great things in the server if ya get around, would be briliant to see a load of these, Resembling people we actually know and everything.
Great work!


Hawke (The main character of Dragon Age 2) named after me :D


Awesome pics bro, The soviet hat was made me lol a tiny bit.
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Oh boy.
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When the new ones come out?


Woaah, Amazing...where'd you get the models from?! =o



Im looking forward to more, maybe you could do some documentation on the sanctioned... id so love that.


Lol Nice man, love the pictures. Really captures the rp cant wait for more


Thanks for the comments guys.
I'm working on another one, its based on the monolith.
Just need to do some more research ingame.
Most of the models were from the Stalker pack you get here.


Hawke (The main character of Dragon Age 2) named after me :D