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Didn't think I'd have to post this, but now I do.

NEVER KILL PEOPLE with a SWEP. Only do so if they're avoiding roleplay i.e. running away or if they allow you to. Just because your /me is succesful does not mean you actually get to press mouse1. You can just roleplay you did.



Well in STALKER, all military shoot STALKERS on sight most of time, but when we do that in the game they cant get that through their thick ass fucking skull that we shoot them on sight yet they still run up and start loling then whine like a bitch when we open fire.
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I think he means rp it not just pew pew don't just shoot rp
srry if I just repeated what's been stated
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Well what do you do when you fire a warning shot at a STALKER and he never goes away? Wont that push you into a situation of STK.
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XD Why do I have visions of yesterdays Stalker walking up and asking to come inside?
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Look people. Yea if he doesnt move at a warning shot sure fire at him. But really most of you guys never gave warning shots and ofc stalkers should not do this but you cant state that IF you shot a warning shot they would still stand there if you havent tried most situations ive seen you just headpwned them at the spot.
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Tell that to the bandits who decided to take up residence outside the front gates and refused to move even after the raid was over.. before headshotting us as we came back from spawn. No warning shots there.. we werent even armed.. mainly becuase they looted all our weapons.
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Kill them with tomatos instead or give them a really nasty
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I usually tell them to gtfo or i'll kick their ass. I look really threatning because of my armor, but everyone knows i don't actually have any ammo in my gun. ahaha i laugh at the thought of us actually having sufficient ammo for any job! im surprised we had ammo for the raid we did yesterday... wait.. i didn't have any ammo then still.. Government needs to supply us with ammo aswell.

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