Removals and Bans.

Started by Sickness, 12-12-2009

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Poxillard, TheHawk, and Goose are not to receive their TT back, they have been Prop DM'ing when admins are offline. Also, Goose D/C'ed to avoid his removal, please remove his trusts, and temp ban for avoiding. That's all.
Rusty - Returned to the Zone


Proofs anywhere? Screens.


Quote from: Fluffy on 12-12-2009
Proofs anywhere? Screens.
Yeah I watched them do it, I didn't take a screen because it's hard to take a screen of a car being unfrozen over someones head when your not expecting it.


When you want something removed, please post ID's, I can actually edit their trusts through the main files.
(I can modify everything that has to do with the user)