Ramon's Journal Entry - Monolith

Started by Tempest, 10-02-2010

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A journal entry from a clergyman named 'Ramon'

[Various scribbles and markings are present above a legible text]

Day number... whatever.
    Earlier this evening, after finding shelter from a long day... myself and a group of STALKERS 'teamed' up. It was well for awhile. Until a poor rookie got himself killed while running from a blowout - lasted about a good three minutes that time.
Me, and another STALKER... I think his name was Aaron, Airon, Arron, don't recall the last name, buried the rookies' body.  After saying a few words, the group "Monolith" showed up Shocked us all!

They pitted us against each other, It's hard to recall. Arron and myself, BARELY managed to walk away from it.  Good friend Leonyd subdued one and took him as a human shield. Sadly, he was murdered. They came in with such force, it struck fear into everyone.
May the lord have mercy on us all.

[Text becomes scribbled - apparently from the fear]
Adrian Ukhtomskii - Alive


(OOC) I was there! I was Brother Korselev, the one who shot up Arron. Man, good times eh?


(OOC) You got your ass handed to you by Leonyd Genesis. That guys a fucking badass. D:


(OOC) Playing out a man of God in a emergency, life or death situation, was quite intense. Let's hope for more interesting RP like that, in the future.

Adrian Ukhtomskii - Alive