PDA Logs of A Marauder - Aleksey Ipanov

Started by SGT-Spartans, 17-01-2011

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Username: Aleksey
Log 14-Well, today there were some loners called " The Punishers " that took over the bandit warehouse... Built a home there. My crew and I proceeded with defiling any punisher signs before luring them there. We ended up killing three...Unexperienced, but equipped pretty damn well.  An LR300 and an Aku. Yuli kept the LR300, he set up the ambush, and I got the crappy AK..Better than nothin'.

Log 15- Today we found a bunch of rookies putting a barrel in a fire...Idiots. They were unarmed, so we ambushed them at the underpass. Two of them ran, but my friend sent a volley of lead into them. The rest we brought back to the warehouse. Two more Loners came in and were knocked out by our trap, making it 5 hostages. They didn't have much, so we beatem' pretty bad and let them go.

( First attempt at a IC PDA log, constructive criticism on the format is welcome. All of this happened in SRP in the past two days )
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Ahh yea, *high five* I got soo much money from doing this.


I was one of thous Hostages! You killed 3 of my friends and beat the shit out of me and let me go XD!
P.S. Your a dick
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ALEKSEY IS BANDIT. Yes,random posts ftw. But yeah,i laughed my ass off to hell with the second logs first line.