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Rush - Working Man


Day one of the zone!

I arrived. Bastards in Kiev thought that I would do better here than in the city. Hopefully I can have a temporary, or maybe even permanent location for my work. I guess that's item number one... set up a medical ward.
Found an artifact next to an anomaly in a tunnel. Sold it for a sweet 1250 RU! The barman said I could stay in the freedom town and work there. Don't know how long it will last... Freedom seems nice enough. I guess the next item of business will be to get some medical equipment. I have some tools in my pack, but I don't have any of the materials. Hopefully they're not too expensive...





Got a building.
There's a small little building off to the side of the road near the Freedom town that we converted into a small hospital. By "we," I mean me and Scalpel. We don't have many supplies, but we have the tools. Medkits aren't that expensive, and they have a lot of the medicine and other items we need.
Met a kind Freedom soldier. He looked and sounded pretty young... He wanted tips on first aid! I wish I could help them more, but training to be a doctor takes years... I should know. No patients yet... Perhaps I should buy a gun tomorrow. A pistol, I think.



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Blake.H: And im also working on whipping him into shape
Blake.H: He's nice
Blake.H: He doesn't moan
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Good fucking god. I almost got robbed tonight. I was in the hospital, scavenging for anything useful. All of a sudden, four armed men storm the door and ask for money and medical supplies. They saw that I had nothing for them. (I love stashes for this kind of thing...) I guess Scalpel gave them some money.
After a dispute. I sat on the couch casually. THEN I DIVED RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW! So glad that I never bothered to put any glass in... not like I'd be able to find any in the first place.





ERROR: Physical Damage detected. Visual/audio errors may occur.

Sucker got me. Damned thing..*Cough.* Cut my hand, leg... almost cut my neck right open. I was lucky enough that the bloodsucker was distracted by another unfortunate fellow... when he was looking for his friends, i got to slip away. Left my PDA behind though... got it back after some careful recon. Looks like somebody dropped it though...

Anyways. I got my gun. It's a crappy little Fort-12, but it will do. Used it on the sucker, so hopefully he won't forget that I have fight left in me. Anyways, I met Joker last night. Big burly trader with an Exo and an OC-14 Thunder. Wish he was there with me.

Another guy got hurt by an anomaly. Walking on crutches, thanks to me. My first patient, heh.

But it still arouses the question... when will my time be? I've had two close calls in just as many days... I can't believe that I will survive long out here. I won't leave... not now. People still need my help. I'll just get friends. Freedom almost certainly knows my name by now. Maybe they can help me. I also think that Joker likes me...

What also astonishes me is the number of women out here... who would've guessed that there are almost as many females as males? It's interesting.

Oh damn, my neck hurts again... time for another painkiller. And bed. Bed sounds good.



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Eventful day. Today I assisted a "Matthias" take a bullet out of a wounded Freedomer's leg. I also helped assist people in the arena. Fist fights and all of that. Made 150 RU. Don't know what else to say. I'm also better equipped now. I got 3 bandage kits, and sufficient ammo for my Fort-12. Nothing especially exciting I guess...

My neck pains keep flaring up... maybe it's an allergic reaction to the Bloodsucker's toxins. I didn't get hurt that bad, but it must've been enough. The painkillers manage to subdue them for a while. Recent symptoms of mine have included coughing fits. Hopefully I'll get better soon.



Log for June 18 (Midnight posting for me)


Whew. Today was also busy. I managed to buy a 1911, right after Scarl got shot... almost killed.

I came along, found him slumped on a tree... bleeding like a stuck pig. I managed to get him bandaged up enough, and gave him a little injection. Scarl wanted to move along, so we did. Met a merc who helped us out all the way. Scarl met with his cousin, who also helped us. We eventually made it to UNDISCLOSED INFORMATION without trouble. We set him up, and had to use some makeshift tactics (beer disinfectant...) but we saved him. Close call.

Anyway, looks like Scarl wants to employ me. What the heck, I'll help him. Scarl's... cousin... payed me 1,000 RU. "For saving my cousin." he said. Then Scarl gave me 100, and an AK-74u. Exchanged for my new M1911.

Today was a nice day.

Anyways, plus one friend in the zone. Hopefully more to come. I'm starting to become pretty well known by now...



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Another log.

Long time no see, PDA. Things have been busy. Scarl has been out of touch with me, but I met with him and he gave me some money, out of the blue. It was kind of weird.

Talking of money, I had to give up a lot of it... I bought an AK-47 with my remaining funds, a great upgrade over my AK-74u. Nobody's been getting hurt lately... a good sign, but bad for business.

God, listen to me. Profiting from other people's distress and torment. I don't want to be like that... a killer or unfeeling monster only looking after his own wallet. I'm bigger than myself. I should probably try to build my respect with Freedom some more... I'm steadily knowing a lot more people. I already know most of them - Seth, Goose, Vasily, Erin, and some girl... Nikki she called herself. Great weaponsmith. Engraved two bear heads on the sides. Fuckin' sweet.

Other than that, not much to report. Found a zombified churchgoer, me and some other freedomer buried him.

That's... it I guess.



// HOLY SHIT, an UPDATE! If you don't remember who Surgeon was, maybe reading the above entries will help you remember. Or, maybe you can get to know his history more if you don't know him. \\

Begin Log
Hello, PDA. It's been a while. I've been away for a while, and the bastards wouldn't let me have my PDA 'till it was safe. Which is now. I can't write about who, because nobody knows if this thing will get stolen, all my data stolen, and everything comes crashing down around my ears. I should look into getting this encrypted.

Anyways, on more current events. My bloodsucker wound has healed fantastically, however the scar remains present. I looked around Freedom's base the other day, and I didn't know anyone there. Until I saw Seth Gecko. I couldn't believe it was him! After all these months he was still there! And he remembered me, too! It was great to see him again.

I chilled out for a day or two, and then I heard of a group called "The Sanctioned." It's a group that helps out STALKER's in the zone or something, for the well being of everybody. What better group for a trained doctor to join than this one? So I did. The leader is very kind - a good sign. I hope to become good friends with him. He supplied all of us members. He had a very large armory. I got a Colt 1911 (I missed my old one! <3) and three military grade medkits. Met two other members too. I won't say their names for security reasons.

That's all for now!

Get PDA Encrypted!

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omfg get out nerco.


This guy needs to set up a new clinic


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I'm surprised this thing still works.

I have managed to stay in one piece, helping STALKERs out along the way. Firefight victims here and there, nothing too interesting. Today, I met with an old friend. Joker. He was one of the men that assisted me during a robbery on my old field hospital. The logs are back there somewhere, I didn't mention him. But he was there! He says that he is gathering some people together to make a comeback in the zone. I'm with him for that. I left the Sanctioned, too. Nobody's been around, and I don't want to be tied down.

That's all for now I suppose.