Pay-Back's a Bitch

Started by Pawx, 21-01-2010

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*Austin Creed slumps down on a nearby tree, Tied, Panting.*
*Austin starts to untie himself, Having trouble as he speaks "Well..New enemy's means new prizes...A wannabe Merc Faction..Black Rain...My sibling used to be in...How fun."

*Austin continues to speak "I'll start with a simple Bounty..Following with a Shoot on Sight with my fellow Bandits...Finishing off with the Killing of there Leader."

*The rope falls to the side, Austin picks himself up, Taking out his PDA.*
*After confirming the Bounty, He turns to the Bandit Channel, Speaking into the PDA's mic "Bandits, We got a new enemy, These so called Black Rain..I want these fucks gone for good. Shoot on Sight if you see one! They will learn not to mess with us.."

*Austin Creed closes the channel, Turning to the contacts section, Picking the name 'Ghost', Speaking again into his mic, With a big grin on his face .*

"Ghost! I got a little job for you.."
"Go on.."
"Have you ever heard of Black Rain?"
"Of course, What about them.."
"I want them dead, all of them.."
"And you want me to do...What?"
"You main objective is to find the leader, Make him go bye bye...Understood Ghost?"
"Yeah...What's in it for me.."
"You know that one thing that you always wanted...Failed trying to obtain?"
"Yes, But what do y- No...How?!?"
"You'll see..I want this job done first, Now get to it."
"Alright, Ill contact you when it's finished!"

*Austin Creed turns off his PDA, Pocketing it, Unslinging his Hunting Rifle, Grinning "Let's get this over with..." 


I actually grew a great interest in posting these little IC storys, I thinking of making more of the most important ones, More to come!


I like this, and can't wait for some more. keep it up :D. im trying to make some PDA entries myself.