One Summer Day...

Started by Pawx, 22-01-2010

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*Austin Creed walks up to the Red Forest House, Hearing rumors of a dead Monolith left with possible loot.*
*He walks in, His Hunting Rifle raised, Looking from room to room, He finally walks upstairs, Finding the Monolith on his stomach, dead.*

*Austin walks over to the body, knelling down, He then checks the back pockets, finding the Monolith's PDA.*
*He turns it on, scrolling through the PDA, Speaking "Lets see who this little bastard is.."*
*He finally finds the name, Eyes widening.

*The name spells "Brother Ghost"
*Austin quickly turns him over, staring at his Mask, Gasping "Fuck no! No No! God damnit!" *Austin stands up, Punching the wall, Resting his head on it for a second. "He was so close to getting out of it...So close, My last Brother..Fuck me...."

*He turns back, staring down at him, A single tear roll's down his eyes. He knells down next to him, Praying "Le spectre, le mai que vous appuyez dans la paix, le mai ces bâtards de Monolithe vous échappe finalement, le fait de Permettre à votre âme de s'enfuir au ciel et ci-dessus, le Reste dans la paix mon frère, Mes Principes..."

*Austin pulls off his mask, Pushing his eyelids down, Closing his eyes.*
*He then stands up, sighing, taking out his PDA, Speaking into his mic to the Bandit Channel "Men...I have important news...On my retirement...I thought hard about what I have done, My loved ones falling by my side, For me...I thought it was all right, For a special reason, Boy was I wrong. No longer, Will I continue as a Bandit...My retirement calls, To many have died before me...It's time to move on...I decided to join Freedom...May we speak and see each other some time...Your Friend...Austin Powers..

*Austin shuts off his PDA, Pocketing it, Looking back at the body.
*He sheads a final tear, walking out, Continuing his journey.


Makes me lol inside since I actual left him after I blasted you and then jake blasted you. AHhh good times.


One Summer Day... Great job. lol

Strelok Holmes

So close, My last Brother..Fuck me...."

.... LOLZ!? Sorry, i had to just point that out for comical relief.

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Quote from: Strelok Holmes on 05-02-2010
So close, My last Brother..Fuck me...."

.... LOLZ!? Sorry, i had to just point that out for comical relief.

Pervert -_-


ffs, Yuri Kolerts has no friends anymore D= Pimp is a Monofag, Crimzon is gone and now bloody Martin Creed is deyud, he all 'lone, with no faction and no homies.