Old Stalker Roleplay Rules

Started by Silver Knight, 15-12-2008

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Silver Knight


1. Players will make an attempt at proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and will under no circumstances use chatspeak ((Abbreviations such as LOL (Laughing out loud), ROFL (Rolling on floor laughing), WTF (What the fuck))) in the in character chat (Whispering, yelling, radio, broadcast, advertisement, or say).

2. Players will not use any spawned, or map prop (Prop: Any item that can be picked up with the phys gun, or grav gun) to kill other players, or non player characters on the server.

3. Players will not use OOC (Out of Character chat, aka // ) for complaining about the server, admins, or other players on the server. This includes "I just got DM'ed!" "Some fucker killed me!". Instead, they will utilize the /a chat command tool.
a) Players will not use excessive curse words (fuck, damn, shit, piss, pussy, nigger, etc) in OOC.
b) Players will not use OOC to chat with their friends about anything not pertaining to S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP. (Steam Friends, Ventrilo, Team Speak and LOOC can be used for this.)

4. Players will not attack another player using verbal insults. (Insults can be racist or sexist remarks. They can be an insult on the person's interests, speach, place of origin, or role play style. Insults are often hurtful to the player on the receiving end.) NO FLAMING OTHERS. Respect ALL of you peers.

5. Players will not steal or delete other players items, props, or ragdolls unless the other player has consented out of character to such a Role Play. If things are stolen or deleted, they must be done with Role Play, and will be counted as OOC rule infringement if done without /me's.

6. Players must consent to having their character perma killed, perma injured, or sexually assaulted in any way, shape, or form. Some exceptions are as follows:
a) Player in question frequently causes OOC, and IC drama between factions. Is probably enemies with every faction on the server, and therefore it would be logical for this character to be PK'ed. In this case, an authorization from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Department Head is required, and an SRP Super Admin must be present at the time.

7. Players are not permitted to hijack vehicles under any circumstances unless authorized by an SRP Super Admin. Vehicles include: Functional craft that require the use of the action key (Default: E) to board, and pilot. IE: Helicopter, Jalopy, Jeep, etc.

8. Players are required to request authorization from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP Department Head, or any available SRP Super Admin to perform any large scale event. This can include detonating a bomb inside of the Military Checkpoint, or detonating one inside of the Duty town.


10. No characters under the age of 18. Its unrealistic to see anyone under 18 in the zone due to the harsh conditions.

11. You must have admin authorization to have a character outside of the Ukraine/ Russia.



This S.T.A.L.K.E.R Role Play server is made as such that it reflects the game as closely as possible while still preserving innate creativity of it's members. Thus, we try to stick to canon as closely as possible, however are relatively flexible and open-minded to new ideas.

A lot of people have questions about Role Playing, and what it is, or isn't. There is no set definition, just various people's own interpretation of the definition.

Rohok's interpretation: Role Playing is creating a story with characters, and playing one of the characters within the story. Role Playing can be anything, anytime, anywhere, with any props at hand. Role Playing does not require a script, models, textures, or even a graphical interface to be done, and if done properly, can lead to amazing, in-depth stories with shockingly realistic characters.

Table of Contents

Prop Dming
Godly Roleplay
Spawn Killing
Hacks and exploits
Meta Gaming
PK, TK, TI, PI, Rape
Others Rules

Quotebreslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
breslau: period



Freedom and Duty are not very friendly with each other. Expect some violence between them. Freedom and Duty should not ally under any circumstances unless authorized by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Department lead.

Duty is a highly organized, militaristic faction that is almost a clone of the Ukrainian army. However, more specifically, the 704th God's Hand regiment, D company, is one of the most highly trained units in the entire faction. Lead by a Colonel, this group continues to wreak havoc on all those who oppose the great nation of Ukraine, and Duty itself. Their greatest enemy being the anarchists (Freedom), there's not a single bullet inside of their weapons that wasn't created to take the life of an anarchist, and if you find yourself allied with the anarchists, beware: Your life expectancy isn't very long.

Freedom is a loosely, tied together group full of fanatical anarchists who want to open up the Zone to the world. They despise Duty, as both have completely opposite views, and the two have never been known to get along. See a dead Duty member? Expect the bullet inside to be that of a Freedomer's assault weapon.

Monolith are religious fanatics who worship the mysterious Monolith. The Monolith cultists try to isolate themselves from everybody else, and make frequent attempts at converting loners to their cause.

Bloodsuckers is a name given to a unique type of mutant who has earned it's name sucking the life out of S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs just like you. If you're not careful, and you travel alone, be wary: For there's no where you can hide, and your stamina is limited. Good luck out there alone, and always know you can take comfort in knowing that in large groups, there will always be somebody slower than you.

Bloodsuckers typically stay away from large pockets of humans.

The traders, although they could be anyone in the Zone who sells or buys things from other people, are typically overweight, money hogging rich bastards with access to all of the latest high-tech weaponry and supplies to keep your average loner pumping through the harsh environment of the Zone. These are your drug dealers, your weapon smugglers, your food vendors, your drinking fountains, your information venue, and your opportunity to earn money, and become the richest S.T.A.L.K.E.R in the Zone.

The Ukrainian Military, in a perfect world, controls the entire Zone. However, although they're in fact surrounding the Zone, they have no real control on what goes on inside. The country of Ukraine dispatched their military to control the Zone, and those within it. Typically, if you see a soldier in the Ukrainian military, you should run, because otherwise you'll most likely bite the bullet. Or more precisely: Bullets.

The Ecologists study the Zone, and the unnatural happenings within them. They study artifacts, anomalies, mutants, you name it. Anything to further their, and the country of Ukraine's understanding of the Zone. However, if they snoop around too much, as they often do, they tend to become a threat, or more specifically: A liability.

Bandits are common in the zone, it's a way of life, getting robbed of your possessions is very common, bandits could look like anyone, and be anyone. It's best to stick in groups of two or more to lessen your chances of being confronted by such a band of deviants.

Mercenaries are people who work for money. Doesn't matter what it is, if they're getting paid, they'll most likely do it.


Prop DMing

Prop DMing: Defined by Rohok as using a prop (Anything that can be picked up using a physics gun, or gravity gun) to kill or attempt to kill another player on the server in any way, shape, or form.

Prop Spamming: Defined by Rohok as repeatedly spawning (Using the Q menu, or duplicator/adv duplicator tool) props (Anything that can be picked up using a physics gun, or gravity gun) for any reason. Does not need to have malicious intent.


Prop DMing:

1: Warning and kick
2: 1 hour ban
3: 2 hour ban
4: 3 hour ban
5: Permanent ban

Prop Spamming: Ban until server restart, or perma ban. Depending on the severity and intent.


Godly Roleplay
Godly Role Play is the act of treating yourself as an unstoppable, or otherwise invicible person who seems to be impervious to all manner of assault. Including dodging bullets, dodging every punch thrown at you, running away while being hit by bullets fifty times, killing people instantly with /me's.



1st: Warning
3rd: 5 minute ban
4th: 30 minute ban
5th: 1 hour ban
6th: Ban until server restart


Spawn Killing

The act of killing someone when they spawn, giving them no time to act.


1st: 5 minute ban
3rd: 20 minute ban
4th: Ban till restart
5th: Perma-ban


Hacks and Exploits

Exploits: An exploit is the act of using a bug in the script, game, or map to gain an advantage over other players. IE: Duping weapons, selling guns that spawn with flags, no-colliding walls/doors, getting under the map, etc.

Hacks: This is using things like radar, ESP, TacoBot, aimbot, etc to gain an advantage over other players.



1: Warning and Ban
2: Ban until restart
3: Permanent ban


Your first offense is your last offense. These aren't allowed anywhere else, what makes you think they're allowed here?

1: Perma-Ban.


Meta Gaming

Using information that you know OOC, for IC purposes.

Using information you do not know.

Claiming you're the master of the universe and you know everybody's name.

Etc, etc... Using radar to find where people are.


1 - 5: Warning and/or kick
6-10 : 10 minute ban
11-15: Ban till restart



Deathmatching is the act of killing people for no reason at all, or for a very silly reason. This is up to the admins to decide what deathmatching is, so try to Role Play everything you do regardless of if you think you have to.


1: Warning and kick
2: 30 minute ban
3: Ban until restart
4: Permanent ban


PK, PI, Rape

Permanently killing off another player's character requires authorization from the head of the STALKER RP department (Rohok) or SilverKnight himself. Or, if the other player agrees to it, it can be done.

Permanently injuring another player's character requires the same.

Raping somebody's character requires that person's consent OOCly. If it's not obtained, you will be banned for an hour.


Doing any of these without meeting the criteria will result in a ban until restart.

Silver Knight

Others Rules

Friendly Zombified Stalkers may not roleplay as a friendly character without a SA/SV's approval, its not cannon like and ruins roleplay in general other players.

Preset Bases may not be captured by a opposing faction or group, this applys to the Duty base in srp_redemption, icly there are 30 other Dutiers in the base, attacking and taking over it would not be possible, its a stronghold, but it may be attacked for whatever reason.

Quotebreslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
breslau: period