New DUTY Protocol

Started by Welshy, 23-10-2009

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One thing i've noticed in DUTY lately, is a lack of rules for everyone to follow. So i think i should lay down some ground rules for us.

1. DUTY vs Freedom - We are at a faction war with Freedom, but this does not mean being in DUTY you will get to kill them constantly. DUTY accually rarely attack Freedom, they only fight with them due to Freedom entering DUTY zones or operations, and we will be doing this. We wont be attacking Freedom base directly anymore, we will only do small operations on their outposts, and engage them if we come across them.

2. Ranking and Equipment - Shortly i will be implimenting the regular equipment for the ranks, and the rules with any outside weaponry. With ranking, you do not have to call your NCO's "Sir". You may simply call them by their ranking,  NCO's are corporal - Master Sargeant. Above this rank you need to treat your CO's with the upmost respect.

3. Fireteams and the Base -  I will be setting up fireteams for every unit in DUTY. Fireteams will be consistant of 4-6 units, with 1-2 NCO's in each. These Fireteams are for outside The Bar, not for inside it. Anyone lower than a CO's must get authorization to leave The Bar.  If there is enough people online, you will move with your Fireteam outside the base. Protocol in the Base is to patrol and defend it. You do not have to be in a fixed area, you can move around.

I will be adding more to this, depending on Pistols reactions.

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BUMP: Add some damn OOC rules like, follow the damn orders you get from higher ranks.
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