New Co-leader?

Started by Smirnoff, 25-12-2009

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Since The Jackal left us we have no Co-leader at the moment.

I would be grateful of you Radek if you  replied to this thread with either the new one or the time you need to think about it.

-- Thanks,

EDIT: Oh wait, Jackal told me you are on vacation lol -_-
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Don't worry, there will be a leader.


Radek can't be on vacation if he's already in Sweden. Wut.

Caramelldansen / U-U-U-Aua Dance


There are different countries than Sweden. So he could go to another country such as Germany.



There is no such thing as the "CaramellDance" in Sweden ffs did you noitce that the video you used is Manga? A frikin Asian art style.
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Caramell - Caramelldansen (English version)

Its the original clip of Caramelldansen.

On topic: Who'll be the co-leader? I'm interested in that lol... I would say the highest ranked,activest player.


Assassinator has been made co-leader thanks to his very impressive application and past experience.
He will be put as acting leader during the time I'm gone.

// Radek
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