Monolith/Chernobyl Shadows Firefight

Started by Aviator, 09-01-2010

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So just very recently Chernobyl Shadows and Monolith got in a fight. Here's the details.
I, (Serov) went to Chernobyl Shadows to get help with getting rid of a few STKing Monolith snipers. (Who are, apparently, sniping with L85s...)
We assemble, and head straight to the Monolith front gates. They all begin STKing us, so we take cover and STK back. Nobody specified whether to STK or STM- this was a free-for-all.
So, we end up killing three of them, and two of us die. One of the server admins, |HGN-STSA| Rδvanδger ไทย, and a couple other Monolith begin to complain and whine about us STKing, particularly me. I was only going with the flow.
So, we all re-assemble, and re-do the whole thing. This time we (Chernobyl Shadows) sneak in from the back of their base, and snoop around a bit. We watch them for a while and wait for them to go off-guard. |HGN-STSA| Rδvanδger ไทย continues flaming me about STKing with everyone else and my "I'm disappointed..." thread, so I quote Layton a few times (Layton: No flaming.) and he tells me to stop it, continuing to flame me. I tell him to stop again, and he kicks me. I rejoin, and |HGN-STBA| Sickness teleports me back to where I was. I get my ammo back, and we try to sneak to the front gate, but we get caught. We flee, and hide. The Monolith who tried to stop us goes and alerts the rest of his troop.
We break into the armory and of course, everything is just props.
So I (Being a trader) and |HGN-STBA| Sickness (Being a trader also) buy a few medkits and ammo for us to makeshift as armory supplies (For RP). While we're sorting out the loot amongst ourselves, Monolith comes in from behind us and STKs us all. None of us die. So we all hide and STK back. Someone (I cannot recall who, I think it was a monolith) announces in OOC to STK the fight, so we do.
We all wait out and return fire occasionally in the armory, the fight bringing no avail. One of our men walks out and gets killed on sight. Then, |HGN-STBA| Sickness does something and saves our asses, killing the camping STKers at the staircase. We all slip out and kill a Monolith waiting outside, and then cut through a warehouse, heading for the gate. We kill another random unarmed monolith using rp_voice commands sitting on top of the gate. Me and |HGN-STBA| Sickness chase after |HGN-STSA| Rδvanδger ไทย, and still having no STM or STK agreement or rule announced during the fight, we chase after him, STKing him. He STKs us back. We are at the corner of the map and are about to end the fight. He spawns himself some ammo and while he's out in the open, I STK him.
I rush over to his corpse and take his weapon, and of course, |HGN-STSA| Rδvanδger ไทย bellyaches over OOC that I "randomly killed him" and "randomly STKed him" when we were both clearly STKing each other. Then, him and someone else (I forget again) starts complaining that I am abusing my trader.
While I am not 'abusing' my trader, I am however breaking one of the rules- I'm RPing with some mercs in a firefight, apparently there's a rule against that. I didn't realize this until just recently, so I ask that my trader flag not be removed until I can come to an understanding with an admin.
Anyhow, I get into an argument with |HGN-STSA| Rδvanδger ไทย about the fight, he insists that I'm a "minge" and I am going to have my trader flag removed, (All of what he is typing over OOC is poorly typed, the grammar is lousy, and he fails to spell several basic words. I don't know if he is American or not, but he still should be doing a better job.) and he finally ends up kicking me.
I ask again that my trader isn't removed- for I was only RPing, and never was actually abusing any aspect of my class. I was only breaking a single rule- which I still haven't confirmed as true yet- tagging along with and helping some of my friends in an assault. I'd like to remind you that this was all RPed out and none of it was rushed or poorly RPed.
I'm still unsure of Monolith/|HGN-STSA| Rδvanδger ไทย's side to all of this, but I can assure you that I am being honest. I ask that my trader flag not be taken away for good, drawn-out, fun RP (For me and the majority of Chernobyl Shadows, at least) and for breaking a single unconfirmed rule on my second day as a trader.


He kept egging me on and on and on. Also at the end of the battle you just stked me out of no where. Me and sickness said stk when close you were like 60 feet again even more. The also aren't a fighter your a trader. You ran around and fought traders don't do that. They only fight to defend those selves not attack. akso we even said stk and stm but it seems you did not listen. Also learn to stm instead of just stking me right in the face with no rp. Also only reason I stked back was I got shot like 20 times directly. I get hit directly I fire back. Also sickness even said and I said if your very close you can stk. When you were in armory I we stked since we could. I understand medkits and supplies from armory.( I let you obviously icly use stuff in there.). You kept saying stop flaming stop flaming over and over when I was trying to talk and you just pissed me off. I kicked you to make you stop and you did once. Also know your just plain disrespecting me aviator. I sprained my hand both hands about 3 times on each. I carpal tunnel in one hand I believe so stop disrespecting me. Also I have a few back problems so just stop. Also I believe your trader flag to be removed your not a soldier your a trader. You ran in and fought us. Traders are meant to well trade. They only fight to defend them selves....Also some believed I had Dyslexia but it is not like it I have problems writing and typeing.Dysgraphia is more of like it. So don't go saying I fail at grammar and rp....Also i am tired of people spaming that Lyaton quote it is very annoying...


I have to agree with Ravenger.
We did say when to STK and STM.
And I personally remember saying.. "STM from far away and STK when 5 feet up close" Or something similar like that multiple times while we were chasing Ravenger.
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Then when I was running I got shot a few times so I slowed down and shot one of your guns since I got stked... Then aviator stks me right behind tree from 20 feet away. Also sickness you were right there and all so you seen it.


1. Aviator, You were breaking rules the whole fight, Traders don't kill, Read the rules, You shouldn't be a trader in the first place.

2. After saying 10 times "Don't STK anymore, Were redoing this" You continue to STK, Killing me and Youth, This is why every complained about you, Learn to control yourself kid.

3. I'm still laughing at this, How the fuck did you 'Sneak from behind the base' When there isn't really a behind. Your little buddies Prop gunned the gate and went through the base when we were gone, You didn't sneak behind the base, Don't lie.


Well the first time they snuk from the back then a few other fools came in from the front which pissed me off since the gate is like shut and locked... But I agree.


The story isn't very clear from aviator, he seems to be telling it from a perspective to make himself seem more innocent.

However, once I hear from my two admins, it becomes more clear, you were breaking a lot of rules.

Traders do not fight, you should know this. Your job is to supply the populace with ammo, weapons and missions. Your job is not to go hunting the Monolith. As stated, there is no "Behind" the monolith base, so I do not know how you got up. Even if you were behind the base, how did you get in?

I am okay with what happened in the Armory, the reason they STKed there was because it was STK in close range.

Aviator, this might result in your trader flags being removed.

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Sorry even thought it happend already 13 Hours ago i hope it still gives you some info.

About flag removal. I guess we will have a discussion with Aviator , Me , Youth , Sickness and Ravanger.


I, quite honestly, don't see why this is here. This seems more like an application from aviator to keep himself from being banned or any action being taken against him or it appears to be something against Ravanger and his flaming. I don't really respect Youth since he attempted to summon a blowout and control a bloodsucker and other such nonsense while on his Monolith; saying they had "mystic powers." But, I have seen aviator going out into firefights by himself under the excuse he is a "traveling merchant". My point is, this thread would be more suitable being handled within the privacy of administration and Aviator. Also, find a respectable witness to testify against Aviator or Ravanger before you even think about posting this nonsense.

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Now i really doubt that Aviator is good enough RPer to have trader even thought his app was greate and i had greate opinion about him!

But now he is just a mingebag for me.


Good, now someone more deserving can take his trader slot.


Not to long ago i was with chaos on our mono we went to cap a Stalker he comes running up (/me opens fire on mono) then begins to spray bullets killing chaos while im standing there RPing i turn to him and emtpy a fucking clip into the fucker from point blank he dosent die so he turns to me and starts shooting..... i booked it like a mother fucker....
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First of all.

Youth is... an idiot. He couldn't RP on a bloodsucker if someone handed him a 5 step guide to role-play. I saw him run up to a person cloaked, uncloak, do a /me claws <person>, hit him with the Claws swep, cloak, and run away. In a group of at least 7 people.

And people have complained about you, Aviator, multiple times. I'm afraid I don't support your notions.


Quote from: PistolKid on 15-01-2010
First of all.

Youth is... an idiot. He couldn't RP on a bloodsucker if someone handed him a 5 step guide to role-play. I saw him run up to a person cloaked, uncloak, do a /me claws <person>, hit him with the Claws swep, cloak, and run away. In a group of at least 7 people.

And people have complained about you, Aviator, multiple times. I'm afraid I don't support your notions.
God, I thought I was going to have to say it. Youth is almost as bad as Amontillado. Not to mention that he will blindly defend Monolith even when they STK random people. He also has no idea how to type a complete sentence. It's hilarious, really. PistolKid, it'd be more like "/me clws <prsn>". I love it when noobs donate $25 then suddenly think they're so high and mighty.

Also, 100th post. Woo.
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Locked, since this was a long ass time ago.