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Monolith Branches Roster

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on: 25-11-2009


PimpmasterJ|Father Marov


Zero|Father Relan

High Priests


Duranblackraven|Brother Goliath
Chrono|Brother Mykhailo


Hawk|Brother Hawk
2power|Brother Verninski


Adamant|Brother Scar

Faction supplier
Need one

Faction Relations

      └Inverted Sun:N/A
Freedom: Hostile
Black Rain:Hostile


N/A - Not Applicable
Friendly - Friendly
Neutral - Neutral
Hostile - Hostile


1.) Respect your brethren, as they will be your only companions aside from rats and radiation.

2.) I will deem certain outsiders as POI's, (Persons of Interest) all others are to be eradicated from holy ground. That does not mean you may not recommend alerting me to someone you wish you make a person of interest.

3.) Learn our ways, observe our priests in combat, watch them glide through the shadows, only revealing themselves to fire their double barreled rifle.

Mutants leave us be, as long as we do not anger them. Keep it that way.

5.) Do not go wander outside the sanctuary unless you have the permission of a Priest or higher, or if no officer is around to guide you, feel free to go topside for LIMITED, amounts of time for recon, Do not talk to anyone, or shoot anyone, unless in life or death situations, DO NOT REVEAL YOURSELF.

6.) Promotions will vary, depending on your quality of roleplaying, activity and how much I know you, preventing Inactive leaders from taking control, demotions are the same as promotions, become inactive or fail as a leader in roleplay and you will be demoted.

7.)Above ALL ELSE, do not betray the Monolith with your stupidity, we will reveal ourselves occasionally to the Zone inhabitants, but only in force, to show them our greatness.

8.) Officer flags come at Priest rank and higher.
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Reply #1 on: 15-02-2010
If you want to know why everyone was removed on the roster message me through Steam Friends or PM me on the forums, I'll be glad to clear up any confusion.


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