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Started by Steven :D, 08-04-2013

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Steven :D

-:- Monolith list of Faith -:-

Patriarch 'Lament' - Reorp
The allfather of the monolithian sect within the zone. Only one can exist at a time and they control and co-ordinate the entirety of the monolith.

Preacher ... - ...
The Right and left hands of the Patriarch. Preachers lead the monolith into battle and in prayer to places deemed unworthy of the allfathers precense. There can only be two at a time and they have much wisdom and combat experience. They have direct lines of communication to the allfather and carry out his will.

Templar ... - ...
Awarded to the brothers and sisters who have fought with tooth and limb to survive and carry out the allfathers tasks. They are usually squad leaders and veterans who are hand-picked by preachers to further control the zone.

Justicar ... - ...
A step down from a Templar, these soldiers are more experienced than most others, only passed by the Templars, Preachers and the Patriarch.

Acolyte ... - ...
Brothers and sisters that have advanced the path of being a Disciple. Several are assigned to a squad consisting of a Justicar and Templar. From there on, their devotion to the monolith will determine their advancement.

Disciple ... - ...
Brothers and sisters that have passed their initiation are granted the title of 'Brother' and 'Sister' respectively. This is the basic rank for most monolithians.

Initiate ... - ...
Newly processed Neophytes that show capabilities for advancement. They are fresh and inexperienced in the ways of the monolith and most hold their seniors in high regard.

-:- Special Ranks -:-

Cardinal ... - ...
The title given to the 'Quartermaster' of Monolith, they can be rostered for this and the list of faith at the same time.

Neophyte ... - ...
One who was recruited via in-character means and roleplayed exceptionally are rewarded with the chance to join Monolith without having to apply. This rank is lower than Initiate.

Rouge ... - ...
One who has abandoned the monolithian faith and branded as Traitors. Obtained with authorizations, by going rouge you will most likely be blacklisted from the faction from future attempts at rejoining unless you have roleplayed being a rouge exceptionally. Only given in certain circumstances.


Why are there more ranks than we have players?

Steven :D

Quote from: Nik3 on 09-04-2013
Why are there more ranks than we have players?
why are you always shitposting in my threads


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Quote from: Sharrock on 09-04-2013
If you have nothing to add to this thread then stay out of it.
I think nKe has a valid point, but the way he worded it was subpar.
Also, the roster itself is very long and needs to be streamlined, similarly to how the Freedom roster was so wide at first but was made to look a lot better.
It's just going to be very hard if you fill out the roster to be able to tell people's ranks without scrolling.
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Lucky Pig

Could you please remove the autoplay?


I like the song.

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Steven :D

Quote from: Lucky Pig on 09-04-2013
Could you please remove the god damned autoplay?
do you not see wip? its up to the current leader to keep/remove it, this is just something i offered to do in my spare time.


Y-you spelled Rogue wrong.

Steven :D

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Y-you spelled Rogue wrong.
it didnt end up get used anyways