Living the Dream. Hydra's Journal.

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Thanks to ThY for arranging these events. You're awesome.
I'd also like to thank those who participated. Headcrabs, Rook, ISPYDUDE, Ace and El Presidente for a great Roleplay scenario and their great Back-stories, the key point of the Event. 

29th January. 2016. Tuesday.
If anything.. ANYTHING like what happened today happens again, I'll confess to my insanity.
I awoke sitting in a chair next to another Mercenary, we'd both been tied to chairs and had no idea what the fuck was going on. He slowly came to, and we sat there for a few minutes, bewildered. He started raving about someone called 'Stone' and tried to get up, but stumbled and fell to the cold steel floor. I got out of the chair, the ropes had somehow disappeared.
"Who the fuck are you, and where the fuck am I?" He had asked frantically, whilst on the ground.
I offered my hand and he pulled himself up.
"I have no idea. The names Hydra," I replied.
"Ace," he said.
Suddenly, there came the groaning of gears and a tram slowly approached the other side of the room, passing through an Electro anomaly.
On it was a piece of paper.

"Welcome to your dream. You have 10 minutes to end yourself. Instructions are found all over this room."
I beckoned Ace over and he read it. He smiled a nervous smile, believing that none of this was true. Quite suddenly, a bucket appeared next to a small room with a glass-window, along with another piece of paper.
I approached it and read what was scrawled on it.
"Ace, in here is a highly concentrated amount of H2SO4, or sulfuric acid as it's more commonly known.
You must drown yourself with it, using your friend to help hold you in."
I turned away, disgusted and was found facing yet another trap. An oven was suspended on a rope in the air, held up by a pulley. Yet another piece of paper was pinned to a freight container adjacent to the trap.

Cautiously, I approached, aware that this was intended to be read by me.
"Hydra, if you cut this rope, you will be crushed by the trap, freeing you from this madness. Do it wrong and you will die a death even more painful than Ace's over there."
"Eight minutes," a strange, ethereal voice said. It seemed to be made up of several different voices, but I'm not sure.
"Read them, Ace- And then tell me this isn't happening."
He read the note accompanying the bucket and still refused to accept it.
"We're not in the physical world as we know it, we've been brought here against our wishes. That is my hypothesis."
"What do you mean, we're not in the physical world?!" He raved," Of course we are! There has to be a way out of here!"
He turned around and I lost my temper, grabbing him from behind and pulling out my Kabar.
"What the h- This is your doing isn't it?! You've brought me her-"
"Quiet. I want to get out of here. Stop raving and fucking listen to me."
"Of course I want to get out of here, we WILL escape!"
I sighed and let go, approaching my pre-set death and positioning myself below the oven. I aimed a slash at the rope and was about to slash when-
"If you are to kill yourself, what will happen to poor Ace over there? Surely you do not want to leave him here."

I dropped the Kabar and turned, knowing what must be done. I approached Ace and grabbed him from behind, he struggled immensely but I could easily keep a hold of him. I reluctantly approached the bucket, trembling from head to toe. I crouched down and thrust Ace's head into the bucket. What followed was a surge of spasms, his gasmask melted away in seconds and the Acid began to corrode his face. I closed my eyes as Ace began to gurgle, struggling even more. Finally, he stopped twitching. All that was left was a grey, grinning skull. I rolled over and looked away. Bile began to pour out of my mouth, I gagged and coughed, just wishing that it would end soon. With a final, almighty lurch the flow stopped and I lay there for a second, my face pressed down against the pool of green liquid. I weakly stood up, shaking.

"Well done, Hydra. You have freed Ace."
I walked towards the trap, stumbling and trembling. Finally, I was below the oven. I scooped up the Dropped Kabar and slashed the rope. It rose, and the Oven was about to crush me when- It Disappeared.
"Too bad, you took too much time with Ace. Your ten minutes are up. There is a note for you my the bucket."
I groaned and fell to my knees, this was hopeless.
I crawled back to the bucket and read the note.
"You must now claim your life with the acid without bailing out."
I head butted the steel floor, my gas-mask lenses cracked.

Pulling off my gasmask, I pulled out a med-kit and opened it up, pulling out a syringe and measured a dose of a contained medical sedative. I plunged by head into the bucket without pulling it out, it was pain beyond anything.
My hood almost melted away instantly, my gasmask took longer, but it was still being corroded quickly. Suddenly, the bucket jerked and fell. The rest of the acid struck my chest, slowly burning into the kevlar. A large quantity of the acid was still lodged in the remains of my smouldering gasmask, I screamed and twitched as the acid began to burn into my skull. There was an explosion of pain as the acid finally burnt through.
"Do you see.. Dead people?" IT asked.

I awoke with a start, lying on the floor of a shack in the so called "Red Village".

** There is a roar outside the shack window. Hydra finishes writing and sprints outside, blindly firing into the night.

Warning, this news report contains flashing images.

El Presidente

I have to say, that was a great event. I thoroughly enjoyed making those witty comments throughout it aswell.