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Started by deluxulous, 09-01-2010

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January 8th... 2011.

Journal Entry: 1

I picked up a blank book today so I can express myself in here... I don't think I should tell anyone about this.

My name's Leonard Maskinsky. I'm a Sergeant in the large faction, DUTY. I'm in charge of managing and bringing in supplies for the troops.

On that subject... the whole supply line's a fucking mess. Nothing's getting in, or out. We're really short right now, and I feel that it's my fault. I can't get these guys what they need to protect themselves. We found a HUGE stash, with at least 100,000 RU's worth of guns and meds... We had to leave it, because the Colonel said that the people that owned the place would be back. Damn, I wish I coulda taken something with me.

We patrolled the surrounding areas, too... Found a big base by a downed power station. We ventured into the woods, and found a bandit.

God, what have I done? Why did I do it?

He was injured... he couldn't walk. He was begging for mercy the whole way we dragged him out to the lake. On the outside, I looked like I was pleasuring in his death, but it was far from the truth... The colonel's orders. "Take him to the lake, Kalix. You know what to do."

You know what to do... the words will go to my grave. The way he said it, was just... cold.

I helped in his death, but not without remorse. Kalix booted him over the side of the boat, and everyone just unloaded round after round to where he went in... A huge gush of red came rushing up, and his mutilated body floated up. I almost threw up, but I held it back.

My god, what have I done... what have I done... what the hell have I done?

Then we captured a military, and took him to a back room at the base. I didn't stick around long... went to rest.

Speaking of which, rest sounds good now...

Hell knows if I can sleep with the death of a helpless human on my conscience...


He he, Nice start there. Keep going would ya?


January 9th... of fucking 2011.
Lewensky's fucking gone.

All gone. All because of me. I know it.

And fucking YOENSIK! ((The name is written in huge capitals, and a wet spot next to it.))

That fucking IDIOT of a morale officer went in and tried to break him out. If I had stopped him, maybe he would be alive. Fucking Captured. Monolith and Freedom. The fucking worst people on this god damn Earth.

We got him out, he was coming back. Then a fucking group of mutants came in and tore him up. If I had gotten Kharkov over sooner...


God damnit. "If" isn't going to change anything. It's still my fault I sent him over late as I did.

Gotta kill Yoensik. The only thought in my mind.

Kill that fucking scumbag of a human.

Shoot him till his body is nothing but pink pulp strewn on the floor.

Dump the body in the swamps... that's right.

Good plan, good plan...

Lewensky, god, Lewensky... what am I going to do?

I ran away from that place, I think Krystal, maybe Kharkov tried to stop me. I just ran and ran. I found a place that I could write at without being bothered. I can't do this any more... It seems that this was all a mistake. Maybe I was meant to be a fucking wild-boy in the back countries of America.

I'm going to fucking murder Yoensik when I see him. He's as good as dead.


I remembered the first one, but missed the second one.
This is actually fun to read.
Keep going.


January 12th, 2011.

Today... was eventful.

I'm still broken up over Lewensky. Don't think I ever will get over that. It's painful to see one of your role-models get torn apart by mutants... I tried to drink my problems away, but that was before I found out that vodka was 40 RU a bottle. Fuck THAT.

Anyways, I interested a STALKER in watching Yoenski, Yoensik, whatever. He said he'd keep an eye on him. Kharkov got promoted to Major, which is excellent. He's with me in the plot to "subdue" Yoenski. (Just call him Yodel from now on)
In fact, he's the one who suggested we kill him in the first place. Now that he's got an officer rank, it'll be like stealing candy from a baby.

Or killing off a cancerous tumor, of which DUTY is the body.

Killed a sucker today. Felt good. Filled him with bullets, and then I split my kabar into his skull. Tossed him in the fire.

Note to self: Get artifact gathering team assembled. Easy money. Lots more are appearing now.


Keep this going, its always interesting to read peoples IC experiences! And ill have a word with Nik about assembling a hunt team.


January 15th, 2011.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm bored. I haven't been doing much lately. I should probably stop moping about and do something. Maybe go looking for artifacts, make a bit of cash.