Kristoph Gretchenko's Journal

Started by deluxulous, 21-12-2009

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I'll probably make an image in photoshop every other day, since they're a bit of a pain to make. For now, wall of text.

December 21.

The experiment is still in progress. It requires some more parts, however. I've taken a look at the ammo cartridge mentioned on the flash-drive I had someone recover from a friend. Poor Henri, got his jaw separated from his cranium... He always was a klutz.

Anyways. The parts I have so far are the ammo cartridge, which uses some weird miniature glowing sphere and a mysterious looking round. I have the main firing mechanism, which upon examination, bears SOME resemblance to a normal fire arm. It has the barrel, loading mechanism and all that jazz, but the place where the firing pin would be looks very odd. A few spinning gear-like objects are inside, and the glowing sphere aligns with them. I'll probably need some sort of "power cell" that's mentioned in the flash-drive.

This could be very promising. The weapons-modification data on a separate USB drive helped me look at installing part of an artifact into certain parts, making it more effective.

I hope to god that this thing works when it's completed.



December 27. ((I KNOW, THIS IS THE DAY B4.))

The experiment was completed... I have all of the parts, all of the ammo. I test fired it, and it burned a hole straight through a blast door. I may be able to mass produce this thing. I'll call it the Tealbeam-Rifle. It fires a light bluish laser, which looks like teal, so what the hell.

Time to fuck shit up.


Nice one... you gunna be an epic Mech-worrior?


The diary is spattered in blood in various places, and written shakily.

December 28

Experiment... gone... I fired it at the giant mutant, it all went wrong... Tusk got me, chest.

beam shot my upper left chest, left arm vaporized...

need help...


All of my diaries go short because of shit that happens in the server.