Journal of a Man. - "Sancture"

Started by deluxulous, 12-10-2009

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Date - Hell, who knows any more? My PDA got swiped ages ago.

So, I found this blank book and I decided to write some stuff down in it. For anyone that finds it, to carry on my story.

Hah, real deep.

Dark falls early, the sun rises late. It seems that there's barely any sunlight anymore. Course, nothing's light out here in the zone. Darkened minds, darkened hearts... they lurk everywhere you go. There are many secrets, kept from one another. You turn your back, you might as well just stab yourself in the back. 'Cause that's what someone else is probably gonna do.
What am I doing here in the first place?
Oh yeah. Trouble with the army... Damn every single one of those military bastards. I went AWOL because the conditions were horrible. Exercise and training all. Day. Long. Then you hoped to grab four or five hours of sleep before they woke you up with gunshots.

Life's a bitch, ain't it?



Killed a big mutant today.. bare chest, fucked up head. Can't tell if it was from the bullets or if it was just really mutated. My head really hurts right now, might've been using some psy waves to hurt me from the inside.

Just asked someone, they're called "Controllers" because they can cause extreme brain damage.

Not surprising. Welcome to the zone I guess, boot. Gonna go lay down.