John Lusser's PDA

Started by Szenti, 10-12-2009

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                              ** John is sitting on the table... **

John Turns on his PDA, And pushes writing mode, and starts writing...

Whoah! The hell happened today! I was at my bunker, like always, when an APC just crashed in it! The fuck! Well, He wanted an Artifact, so I gave one to him. But before all this, I did test my Remote Controlled mice, What didn't really blow up. The RCC2M. After he did go away with the Artifact, I was wondering why the fuck he did fuck up my bunker!

** The PDA suddenly runs out of power... **

**  After some hours, John finally powers up his PDA. **

Well, I decorated my new place. Hehe. My creepy PDA ran out of power, Hmm... Anyways i'm in some underground base now, Or I don't know. Its a very nice place! I didn't meet with anyone here, Only with two guys who did visit me once... Cool. Anyways, I wonder why a corpse is here... I have a few ideas with it, Heh.

What a kind guy... He did gave me Dmitri's corpse! Finally, I have someone to talk with. About the other corpse... I made a nice skeleton of him, Hehe. I named him Sam, I don't know why. But he looks great on this wall... Hmm. Finally, I got some materials from this stupid computer, Now I can make some C2's. Hehe. And blow up something... Or anything.

Changing colours are fun. Especially in this dark room, I can't really see shit. Lets check this stupid lamp...

** A few minutes later... **

Finally, I see shit. I made that lamp by hitting it three times. Hehe. Anyways this room is nice, I wonder why the door is locked, Hmm... Good thing I have some C2's here.

** John pushes SAVE. ||||||| DONE. And turns off his PDA. **

// Lol, Lot of red colours. I will write again tomorrow, or today...


LOL, this pda was like omg wtf? xD

Either way nice one.