James Bryans background to getting into the zone

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S. T. A. L. K. E. R

England 2006 September...

There is an argument on the television; it is about a place in the world called the "Zone", should it be removed? Or is it a gold mine?

My name is James Bryan, this is my story on the zone, and what it is.

There is thick rain and fog in the town of Hoddeson, the night club next to a old deserted shop, a bill board above stating "Bryans fish and Chips", a flat sat above this shop, cheers of a family chanting a birthday song, cake is presented in this family, the candles lit a calm small light, James Bryan places a hand on his leg, sitting on the couch he brings his body forward towards the cake, a small calm puff of wind from his mouth is blown on the candles as they unlighted, the family cheers happily, cheering happy 20th birthday.  James smiles a brief moment, a fight takes place outside there house, two drunks fighting for a unknown reason, James figures now he is 20, he should go drink his first permitted beer, James stands up, nods at his mum and cuts a slice of the cake cutting it into small slices every one grabs the chunks with there hands, James then sneaks out the door and towards the cue of people lining up and waiting to get into the Club, his brother comes with him as well as his dad, his dad called Paul always said it would be his dream to have a beer with his son on his 20th, and so James let him tag along with him.

They get to the men handling the doors, big black suits they wore, quite formal considering these men was like giants, James had been taught skills in fighting, his own to be honest, James spent a lot of his life using movement in his body to defend and attack people, a good defence might anyone say, too bad it doesn't stop bullets.  James reaches the men guarding and watching for disturbance, James is search as well as his brother and dad, his dad however told the guards that he carried a knife on him for protection in case a drunk would try to start a fight on him, however seeing this the guards reacted in violence, a blow was taken to his head, James noticed this and looked at his dad be hit, James then took a chair from the wall and throw it at the guards, these men being distracted his placed his hand on a guards arm gripping it tightly, he then pulled it back then twisted the arm, bringing his right foot up he slammed it against the guards back leg, and then took his free hand and slammed it against the guards neck.

It seemed like moments, the guard hit recovered and looked at James, slight fear in his eye he backed away, James then released the guard as he fell to the ground chocking, James's group turned around and left the club walking away James hears a man talking to a drunk man, the drunk spoke loudly, you could tell his was drunk from his movements, his tone he spoke in. "Artefacts made of gold!" the drunk said, it would of seemed like a dream, but the other replies calmly. "The Zone?  All you will expect from there is a bullet in the back, no military scum bag lets you in there, and from my personal experience, it's a death trap".
James listened to this carefully, he heard rumours about the zone from people, but never heard anything from anyone who got to the zone and got out alive, James entered the chat between then, being nosy this interested him, If he could get his family and friends better yet himself rich, then why not take the step into this new world. "But what if someone with the right skills and knowledge of a weapon could get in, take the artefacts he found and leave?" he said in a calm voice. "Bah! No one leaves the zone, it takes a freaking army to leave, at least I had to hijack a APC and drive through a checkpoint with out letting a dam Launcher hit me! You talk none bull in my experience." James sighs after he is told this but the drunk man then looks up towards James as James looks back at him, the drunks face has burn marks and scars, not to mention he wore a white patch on his eye made of tissue and cotton. "There is a way however to get into the Zone and leave rich and safely... that's the damn centre... Make a wish" The group that originally was speaking then walked off, James then turned around and walked across the road into his house.  The next few days James researched about the Chernobyl incident and the Zones, he learned about mostly what caused the reactor to explode but never why the Zone itself excited, it wasn't possible, just before world war two, the Americans dropped two nukes on Japan, but these never caused a change, it just caused chaos and death, nothing more, James did however learn about artefacts and what they are, he made notes of these and watched the news regularly, after a few days James went on the net a spoke to a friend he knew from Russia and asked about the place and if there was a place to stay.  Days passed, James said he was leaving and going to see a friend in Russia, his grandmother however hated this idea, yet she was from the war, "things have changed since World War Two." he said and James left and took a plane to Russia.

There was a difference however, more military and different clothed people, a lot of people wore gas masks, James investigated into this and discovered a lot of people are afraid the zone is going to kill them, the people wore gas masks to stop radiation affecting them, James proceeded towards the spot where he was to meet his friend, they meet soon enough, James took a rest in the area, he knew he would need firearms and the such to make it and survive in the zone, he brought some basic equipment, these being a MP7 and a gasmask, the rest he brought was a Kevlar along with a DP Jacket with knowledge this would assist him for sneaking around, he also brought a Camo tin along as a few rations, he placed these into a bag and went home, this is where he began to plan his entry and what to do once in the Zone, the plan as followed, he took a pen and drew a rough plan, he also studied positions the military in the Ukraine took up, noticing there was bushes and trees along side a Check point, he figured that was his best point of entry.

He could sneak into the zone through the bushes and greenness, yet he could take a faster approach and that would be dangerous.  James took a bus to a shop containing cars, he looked at a car that caught his intrest, it was fast and looked small, not to mention it was good for a dirt terrain, James asked if he could take it for a test drive, the owner replies allowing this as long as he stays with him, James sat in the passenger seat watching the man enjoy the ride as he drove through the roads, "See this car can handle road quite.. well.", the driver said, James looks at him quirks a brow and smiles "I wonder how well it can handle the dirt.", James then lifted a leg and rammed it into the driver as he fell out of the car and onto the road, James then took his position gripping the steering wheel, placing his foot on the paddle he noticed the petrol left was not as he planned, yet he drove faster heading for the Ukraine, James did not rest until he reached the zone, sooner the local police in the area was on his tail, when he reached the Ukraine, the police turned into a paramilitary group firing at his stolen car, James was not allowed to enter the zone, James then turned the wheel to the right moving onto the dirt, the outpost became visible yet a rain of bullets was being fired upon his car, after a moment a van caught up to James, as a armoured man jumped onto the car punching at the window screen, James placed his right hand on the seat next to him grabbing the MP7 as he fired at the Man in a Kevlar vest as he rolled off, James then reached the outpost driving through a barbed wire fence, yet the sound of Military Units yelling out to fire upon him, James then smashed the car into a guard tower ripping the left side of his car to shreds as the wheel span out of control.

Getting into the Zone was always this hard, every man who found they wanted to get into the zone was going to die or be trapped you see, the Ukraine Military cordoned the Zone off, there was rumours the Zone spread by 5 metres every day, it was only time before the whole world would be the Zone, understand that the Zone was dangerous, there was.. Things there no man should see.  James got out of the car, a line of Military units sounded the alarm and began to fire at James, James however kept running into a small ring of light, this which gave James a horrible feeling, his vision began to blind, James then found himself falling from a bridge and then a black out.

James then woke up, two Military with there firearms pointed at him yet yelling out at him "Stalker, 50 RU to pass this bridge", James was confessed, he had no idea where in the world he was but nether the less, he knew he was in the zone, you see he felt sick as if it was a minor radiation poisoning as well as his Radiation Detector was ticking, James then began to stand replying "I do not wish to pass", the Military units then escorted him away from the bridge replying "Fuck off Stalker!", James wondered why they called him "STALKER", must had been something people called newcomers to the area he thought, he found himself walking along an road where a puff of wind blew across the field, he saw something weird however, it had seemed light was bending he stood watching then slowly, he walked closer and closer.  Once James got close enough his Detector started to tick quicker indicating this was not a good place for him to be, James looked down at the floor and found a pile of bolts and rocks, he took a bolt and threw it at the Light that was bending, he was stunned as he watched the bolt hit the light, it would of seemed the Bolt had melted and exploded, this was strange, James then looked to the side as another man was walking along the road but then the man stopped, James observed this as the man fell to the ground as his body began to raise into the air, "A weird place this is" James had thought yet as he watched amazed, the mans body started to crack and brake, then as a few moments he waited the body eventually exploded as a pack a wild dogs feasted on the remains. "I see you have met a whirl anomaly", a voice from behind him had spoke. "What is this place, what is going on here?" you my friend is in the zone, and around you is anomaly, do not move or you will end up like the others... This my friend, is hell".

The man and James spoke for a while, the man agreed to lead him to a safe spot away from the death, and so James was taken to this spot, they eventually came to a run down old factory, the ticking stopped, there was men sitting down and relaxing drinking and smoking they was, laughing and crying could be heard, but no shouting, it seemed peaceful, James then walked to the bar man placing his hands on the counter. "Hello Stalker, what can I do you for?" the man behind the bar counter said in a greedy yet calm voice, "I would like to learn about this place, and how I could find a artefact.", James said, "Artefacts are rare things, how about a drink?" The barman said, "Sure, cosakes vodka?" James replied, "Yeah sure, that's 600 RU." James then spoke angrily "You must be fucking nuts!" There is a long silence; every one inside the bar turns to James looking at him as if he was insane, the awkward stare then turns into laughter.  "Stalker, you must be new, everything around here does not come cheap because you will most likely find your self richer then pie the next few days"

// I spent 3 days working on this story, was done in my school time, so yeah, abit far for the entry I belive.  Thinking about it, in his mind things went wrong since he was chased into the area.