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Started by Plunger, 17-08-2009

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Lot's of players are shunned away from HGN SRP because of the help menu and content pack. I'm just wondering if a help menu can be made as a tab showing the rules, commands, and other such information like links to the content. This would make it easier to the new players and a way to keep them on board with the server.


I second this:

It should say something along the lines of welcome to hgn/stalker rp
here are the basic commands
here is the basic cannon, tells about factions and how to play
heres the link to the content pack
etc etc


Help menu would be huge, I've had to spend a while explaining everything to at least 3 new people when a help menu could easily cover most of the commands and how to use weapons and stuff.

Fixing the content pack would also be really awesome.

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Yeah sometimes newer people dont always put the content in right places sometimes. I had to help a few peps with that. But a help menu be nice. Like it includes links and rp guide lines right there infront of your face without going to fourms.