Started by Moonwolf302, 14-11-2009

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Hey, I've just re downloaded the content pack for about the fifth time. I still can't see the SEVA or the sandbags can anybody help?


Sandbags: Day of Defeat source (Game that you need to have to see the sandbags)
Seva: Idk


I have Dod:S

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Quote from: Moonwolf302 on 14-11-2009
I have Dod:S

Sounds like you have downloaded the old pack to me...

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Old pack or extracting it wrong,

Extract it to Garrysmod/garrysmod and if it asks to merge say "yes"

The folders within, Not the Stalker folder.


To get mine to work i extracted each file to Garrysmod/Garrysmod one at a time thats the only way i could figure out to get it to work.
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ugh old pack? I used the one in the thread

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I'm missing the guns texture. :D

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