Ecologist Leader Application

Started by Rebel6609, 01-02-2013

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Ecologist Leader Application

Please fill out the following form in the correct manner as it's displayed.

OOC Name:
Time spent with HGN:
Why you want to become Ecologist leader:
Your qualifications(Both real world and online):

The Ecologist leader will be decided by the popular vote among the Core Admins.

Best of luck!
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Administration Team

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OOC Name: Frostee

Time spent with HGN: Will be 3 years in July.

Why you want to become Ecologist leader:

"Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

      Being the Ecologist leader would be a nice learning experience, because I will learn more responsibility, and the leading would make me a better RP'er as well. Another reason why I want to be a Ecologist leader is that I used to be an Ecologist on SRP before, so I know what is going on, and how to do things. Finally, I would like to be leader because I enjoyed leading a scientific faction for FORP, and it I enjoyed my time as an Ecologist member on SRP as well. In short, I want to be Ecologist leader because it would teach me more responsibility, make me a better RP'er, and I have experience in leading a faction.

Your qualifications(Both real world and online): Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Lead a scientific faction for FORP, Been an Ecologist before.

Timezone: Central


OOC Name:
Mr. Khorn

Time spent with HGN:
Almost 3 years

Why you want to become Ecologist leader:
The Eco faction is the last faction I have any actual interest in. I have no plans to join any other major or minor factions. I even may not bring back any of my old characters. If I become Eco leader, all I would focus on would be Eco Faction. I also now have a set schedule for work so I should be available at the same time each day.

I personally do like scientific roleplay. I would be more than willing to keep the Faction at a serious level of RP with no bullshit. And if any admin wanted help, I can bring plenty of ideas out to make the RP more 'interesting'. I've lead Crazy Raiders before, (mostly alone) and managed to keep the wasteland somewhat interesting to the few players we had. So I could potentially keep Ecos at a serious level as if it was STALKER itself. Or I could pop an idea out that would make for an interesting experiment.

Your qualifications(Both real world and online):
Graduated High school. Marine Bio, Earth and Space, Chemistry, etc. I tend to see most things from a more logical perspective. I have the knowledge on how to study and experiment.

A leader of Crazy Raiders and Enclave. SV of FORP for a time. I've managed the boards for FORP for a short time, and on occasion offer different ideas for HGN as well. Most of my ideas tend to be ignored, but I still am willing to offer a serious point of view and a different form of brain storm.

If given the chance, I can offer a stable leadership and stable RP environment. A stable and flexible RP environment.

Timezone: Pacific -8:00 GMT


OOC Name:Darkzerxx
Time spent with HGN:2 years
Why you want to become Ecologist leader:
Leaders are not born but made, I think from my experience from leading the ecologist as long as i did, Which had its good and bad moments, that I had to learn from and seek to improve upon to become a better leader that I try to be today. Though yes I have been leader before and some say I should give it up it really has become a big part in my life in teaching me how to be a better leader in real life as well. I Thoroughly enjoyed every rp i part took in during my time as leader and plowed threw the toughest times that were sent my way. The rp's I had in the ecologist actually made me feel like my ideas and motives weren't small or stupid and i could actually do something that made a difference in the servers rp by doing the best I could to provide decent rp's for all who came across eco.
I know that some say ecologist never left the bunker or didn't do enough like giving missions or other things but at that time I had reached a hard point in my life and I was struggling to put out new ideas for missions and new projects for the eco's to part take in, I mean having some input back then would have helped which is why if I do get lead again I'm willing to bury the hatchet and forget any problems I may have had with some players for the sake of getting new ideas to better help our servers over all experience with the ecologist.
I'm not saying I think no one else could lead it but I want to be there and lead a bit more till i can find someone I think has the right drive and motive that made me be leader as long as I have. That's why I fully supported the ideas of equal ranking or some other ideas that were proposed in the other eco lead thread. All I ask is for more time to try and help the server that i have givin a lot of my free time in life too and hope to make it better, SRP has givin me more than I ever expected to get form a Rp server on a game but I don't ever regret coming to hgn and hope to spend more time here, with that, this is why I think I should lead.

Your qualifications(Both real world and online): Took Forensics, biology, Chemistry, Human health class, and know basic geology of earth from my schooling. I think of myself as a motivated person in life who has goals and plans as well as a strong drive to act on them. I'm currently in a national program called DECA ( And am currently going to the competitive event for state here in texas and from there to nationals in the field of Principles of Business Management.
Which has all proven to be a big impact in the leadership part of my life. Along with my online experience admining on the FORP server we had(Despite the downward turn it took) and was made the one head knights on there, Along with my past of  leading eco almost two years after, trying to get it started back up from when i first joined SRP back in 2011  when they seem to almost be none existent or like myths after ISPYDUDE gave up on it and feel like I have had my bad moments, Which we have all had at one point, and I have also provided a good rp for others as well.
Timezone:Gmt-5 (central)

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OOC Name: Andy
Time spent with HGN: Roughly two and a half years.
Why you want to become Ecologist leader: Because I have genuine interest in the field of science and an intermediate understanding of the mechanics of the world. Though I've led a faction before, I feel that the idea of the Ecologists is closer to home than any of the others. Forum work isn't beneath me, and I'd be willing to donate a great deal of time to this.
Your qualifications(Both real world and online): A-grade in GCSE science, going on to study Physics and Chemistry at A-level (though that's not really a qualification, A-levels are what you take prior to entering University). Also led the Military last year on SRP, though I'm not sure if that's an incentive to accept me or a disincentive.
Timezone: GMT.
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OOC Name: nKe
Time spent with HGN: 3 years active
Why you want to become Ecologist leader: I like science
Your qualifications(Both real world and online): I can do science
Timezone: GMT +3


OOC Name: As per forum name

Time spent with HGN: Since 14-01-2009

Why you want to become Ecologist leader: Half these kids here have either never lead a faction or have failed in the past in this position. Ecologist need a competent leader who knows how to organise a faction. You'll probably think "Oh yeah Star" - But Star was on a PERSONAL character level. While i was in charge of the faction it bloomed. I kept my ecologist in check by keeping a lore-friendly structure and a good roleplay environment for all whom wanted to roleplay with us.

Please, do not confuse IC motives with OOC leadership skills.

Your qualifications(Both real world and online):  A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry, AS Level Physics, AS Maths, AS Critical Thinking (With some sociology) - All fit the role of leader of a science group perfectly.

Timezone: GMT

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Lucky Pig

OOC Name: |HGN| Lucky Pig

Time spent with HGN: Something like 1½ year.

Why you want to become Ecologist leader: I was in the ecologists for some time, and I really enjoyed it.

Your qualifications(Both real world and online):   
Well I've never really lead any factions or such, but if that would be a requirement to get to a position of faction leader, the choice would be very limited. I'm a decent roleplayer and I've belonged to the ecologists before, as stated above so I have done some scientific roleplay too obviously. I also basically kept the faction alive for the last months of SRP with the aid of Barlow and a few others.

Timezone: GMT +2