Dr.Kovik Bestrode's PDA.

Started by Ravanger, 29-11-2009

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Old pda picture from sometime tooken ago.
(I made it in photoshop quickly,it looks decent.)

Sent out PDA message:
I am Dr.Kovik, I am a working ecologist and I request help from stalkers and others all around. I request you bring artifacts and mutant and mutant parts to the ecologist base or military if you can. I adcept flora as well and anything rare so we may study it and find more about it.

PDA Notes.

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November 28

I have been in the zone for some time now it is a interesting place I hope to further my study in.
I recieved a flash from a stalker today. I am putting in information today about it. It is so pretty. Like a tear from a angel. I just want to be with it all my life. I feel so,oddly compelled by its beackoning force.
Hmm....I am interesting in some small plants I have gathered. They seem to be former trees of some sort but have morphed into a kind of flower. Very small about 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall.
I am going to sleep I have entered data into my computer and have gathered good information on artifacts and some basic information on newly found platnts. The short one I found before earlyier I shall call "Tree Lilly" it seems to be not really a plant oddly. It also seems to be a type of fungi. I shall finish research after I take a rest. Kovik out.

_________________________November 39___________________________________________________________
I have gotten a new assigenment for a report on two artifacts one Gravi and one Meatchunk.

Monolith attacked us in the lab today. Me and Star barely escaped with our life threw a vent. The mercs we hired with us were shot down but luckly held them off. Poor fellows.