Dont know if anyone can help me?

Started by Steel, 29-09-2009

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Yer my invent seems to have more problems than most, for example, EVERYTIME i log out when ive had somehting new in my invent, i come back and its never there! ive lost countless items due to that, but i dont bug people about refunds, i lost an LR300, a few AK's, some first aid kits, and its everytime?
Any idea?


Possibly you got worldspawned. Read more from here.

I hope that's at least some help. Indeed if your char has been worldspawned, you should remake the character and ask an admin or someone you trust to help in the transition.

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ya... for the last 3 days, ive lost my SVD everytime. im not worldspawned xD kep having to get it refunded...


Ive lost everythign everytime since ive been flagged as mili


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