Darya's Diary

Started by eroticduck, 04-02-2011

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Entry 1

Dear Diary,

This is the first time that I've written in you. I found you on the side of the road and I stole this pencil from a Freedom guy. I hope to write in you a lot because the only person I can trust in the Zone is myself. Since I entered, I have changed. I have been abused, but also, I have been graced with friendship. I have met many friends, and some enemies. My life is just beginning and it is already starting at full force. Where shall I begin?

I was taken by a bandit. I do not know his name, but I remember his smell, his touch, his face. He made me kiss him and do unspeakable things. He branded me with an extremely hot knife and called me his object. A man name Church killed him after weeks of rape and torture. I owe Church my life, and I will never forget him for what he did.

Just today, I met another friend named Dragon. Dragon is an interesting fellow. His face kind of looks like minced meat, but his heart is that of gold. He is mysterious and his gun is REALLY nice. He is one of my only friends in this world, and more specifically, in the Zone. Him and I were talking when military men walked up to us. I raised my gun, and they raised theirs. I almost killed them- well, they almost killed me, before Dragon intervened. I am on my first month and I already owe my life to two handsome men.

Did I also mention that its not even noon yet?


Entry 2

Dear Diary,

I found the most beautiful object I've ever seen, and it came from the most disgusting thing I've ever witnessed. It was a rock, and it was owned by a guy named Stone. I think it's sort of cool that he showed me a stone, and his name was Stone. Ha ha ha. I am funny. Anyway, him and I talked. I tried some vodka, and it grossed me out. I have no idea how people actually like it. It's like drinking fire.

Back to Stone! He told me that people deserve to die. I sort of believe him now. Maybe people do deserve to die. But, if they do, what gives me the write to take life from them? How does he feel so confident when he's done so much evil? He's not bad, but he does bad things. Maybe good and bad don't exist... then that means we all deserve to die? My head hurts.

I joined Freedom and I met very weird people.

Remind me to tell Stone that I joined. I think he would be proud.

Oh, yeah... apparently the "stone" was called a "Nightstar". Well, there goes my pun.