Commissars Inspection

Started by Steel, 20-02-2010

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A note is pinned on the wall in the barracks

All units from ranks Recruit to Master sergeant are required on the parade ground at 2000   Hrs on sunday for a kit inspection. Any issues with uniform, such as mal treatment to your kit will be responded harshly and with punishment. Shine those boots, polish those rifles and iron your uniform.
Any Absent troopers will result in the punishment of their fellow comrades, do not let each other down.
Vanguards are dismissed from the inspection.

Both Lt's Rouiee and Chornovyl are required to ensure the men are inshape for the inspection and are to overlook their kit maintenance prior to the inspection, i dont want any mishaps.

Commissar Reznor.

OOC: This dosent mean come on parade and /it that your kit is fine, you will passive  cleaning your kit previously.
There is not to much passive with NCO's and unranked members, so get to it.
This is GMT time.


Dang Euros! Anyways, nice event Jackal.


Quote from: Assassinator1097 on 20-02-2010
Dang Euros! Anyways, nice event Jackal.

Liek you said to me when i rejoined: Try to increase passive, well here you have it.
This sort of thing will be regular from me.
Unless my appendix explodes tommorow.


GMT is English time right? If so I can probably make it.

And you spelt Chornovyl wrong, lul.


Tom About Mili interigation
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Doubt I'll be able to make it.

Considering Im forced to come off just at 5PM.
"Is it just me, or have peoples' hands been growing out of their asses lately?"


Had a change of plans. Watching my goddaughter comes to priority over a game. So I may or may not make it in time. I will do my best. If i miss it, feel free for an IC ass-chewing, ill be up for it.
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If people cant make it, people cant make it.
Its just something passive for you peoples.


FUCK! i gotta watch NCO's shine there facking boots ;(

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Quote from: Rebel6609 on 21-02-2010
FUCK! i gotta watch NCO's shine there facking boots ;(

Ensure your a bastard to them ;)

Also, Reshedule to 2000 Hrs