Christmas Event

Started by Plunger, 12-12-2009

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Well, I have an idea for a Christmas event which doesn't involve Santa, and elves. I'll be making a festival which will have contests, and such. It's extremely W.I.P. right now.


Darkmoon faire style.


Quote from: PistolKid on 12-12-2009
Darkmoon faire style.
That's the idea.

I took the idea from the Darkmoon Faire Festival. So good job on first guess. :D


It's not approved Santa WILL BE THAR.


I cant help DO IT, goin to my Gmas after my morning christmas.

But, go to GM_Construct, place vehicles, and have a car race. Winner gets to be a "Lets brag asshole" for a day.


Nice, nice work. Lets see how this goes.