BEVA and I.S. dead?

Started by KillSlim, 24-11-2009

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Just pointing this out, I'm sure none of us have seen a BEVA or I.S. member in a long time. What happened to these groups? BEVA was something new and interesting, I was always anxious of the next paper coming out to see what was being made by the group.
As for Inverted Sun, we needed a slightly organized Bandit group to muck things up once in a while.
Can these groups be recovered? Or are they going to be completely dead like the L.M.S., Chernobyl Shadows and Comrades.
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IS is most certainly dead, as Tunny is bored of STALKER RP and is much more interested in starting up HyperRO.  As for BEVA I assume they're dead as many of the members are hardly on the server, and I haven't seen anyone on a BEVA character in months.  On the bright side Black Rain is staying alive.  ;D


Well. Im back to working on SRP actually, now that I have HyperRO up and running, I still have some other stuff to do with it, but w/e for now.


Eh, I was really excited to do lots of papers for BEVA, but then schoool started getting very difficult. If I have breaks or days without lots of work I'd like to do more, but the papers take lots of hours to put together. First I have to get pictures, put it all together in photoshop, write stories, upload it and finally post it. The end result is often worth it, but It's just such a long process. You can expect a christmas edition near the new year.


Inverted Sun is still out there. Just more like the REAL monolith would be...

Fucking mingy Monolith.


I want to see BEVA in action. :/