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Started by Tea, 29-08-2009

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As the title says, can we add a basic help tab that displays almost all the tutorials on proper roleplay, the rules and such? Another great feature could be a command that sends players to the help tab for a preset time or none at all, it could be used to send unruley players to review the rules, tutorials etc. A command like rp_admin sendtohelp *NAME* *TIME (0 for no time, and they can easily exit out of it)* and if the minge trys to escape it by rejoining, an auto ban function could be used, the player gets banned for 30 minutes (Less if you want) for the preset reason "Avoiding help menu".

What do you guys think? to harsh?

This is a revive of plungers "Help Menu" topic.


Kind of cool something like this is added. Could have more but it is decent.