Andrey Makarov's PDA (WIP)

Started by ISPYUDIE, 18-09-2009

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** The stalker stared at the PDA lying on the bonnet of a crashed car. It looked pretty expensive. The stalker slowly crept towards it and snatched it off the bonnet and took a few minuets to find the POWER button but eventually he found it and turned it on.

// Loading....

// Loading.....

// Loading.......

The stalker waited as it booted up, and then the screen flickered to life. He stared dissapointedly at the display.

Please Enter Password ______

He scanned the screen and hit the button marked [HINT]

A riddle appeared on the screen, being quite new to the zone it took him a couple of tries to get it

Guest Password Entered, Accessing PDA Database....

The stalker sighed as he waited once more.

The menu popped up and he tapped the button marked [Statistics]

// Statistics

Name- Andrey Makarov

Age- N/A

Bio- N/A

Vital Signs- Healthy

He went back to the menu and tapped another option

//Programs Menu loading...

Virtual Picklock
Internet Explorer

He scrolled down the screen when a message popped up

Redirecting... Retrieve unlimited access to view all programs

The stalker found himself at the menu once again

//Contract Menu Loading...

Previous Contracts-

Black Rain
Traders Union
Loner group
PMC1 (Outside zone)
PMC2 (Outside zone)
Dmitri Sakharov
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available

(Will put more sometime over the weekend)