An infection: The Reaver kind

Started by Bagelz, 27-10-2009

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"So, lovely. I get out of a massive battle with this Marissa, and now I seem to have some sort of sickness, not to mention I have this runt of a man rambling about in my mind; beginning to drive me insane, honestly."

He sits, using the same form of messaging he used for the bounty on the vampire-like woman.

He speaks into his mic attached to the PDA as he walks around the area, stumbling, calmly, "Now, if anyone out there knows some sort of cure for this 'reaver'...virus, I'd like to know. Because quite frankly, it is driving my insane. I cannot think straight. I cannot run, I can't fight, it is driving me absolutely nuts."

He grunts, curling his fist into a ball, striking the wall.

"If anyone has a form of cure for this virus, please reply to PDA: 9800198006. I guarantee, you will be paid in full for your help. All I know is, I will soon die if a cure is not found, so"

The message now broadcasts through the Zone, applicable by anyone who has a inbox for a PDA function.


"Help, please, somebody... I can't take it anymore. The voices- they're fucking killing me! Please, someone help. There has to be a cure, please! PLEASE!"

" innards are killing me. Everything feels awful. Running hurts, shooting hurts, just walking is beginning to hurt. Someone, please find a cure, I promise I will reward you the best I can... Please contact PDA: 9800198006. Someone, for the love of all that is good, HELP ME."

"And Marissa...unless you help me, the bounty stays. This was -YOUR- fault, you could have found someone else."

"Lachance, out. Please reply to the PDA number within this message."

"Message sent!", the PDA brightly displayed on its bright, square screen. A recording has been sent to all PDA and radio channels, for anyone to pick up.


"Alright, I'm going to try something new. I'm going to use a tactic I've been cooking up for awhile, and it works something like this."

"The signal distributed from my PDA, is live; twenty-four-seven. Kind of like a live-stream on that stupid internet website, except in audio form. The stream is then broadcasted live, and can be picked up by anyone and listened to on their PDA within a thirty-kilometer radius! A good tactic, I might add: hopefully it works."

Khaletskiy navigates through his PDA, checking up on the small file labeled "Reaver-virus"

"Anyway. I've been carrying this Night-Star artifact around that I've had for a long time. It seems to help-...for now, somehow. I can't do this forever, though. I need to get some form of help."

"Moving on. I seem to have what is known as this...Reaver Virus. After many hours of going through the infectious diseases', and sickness's  on this check-list, I can only say that this is the Reaver Virus, especially after the symptoms Marissa displayed when we fought, and the odd, strange things she would constantly say when we chatted before that."

"I'll have to find a cure for this soon, I have too. According to this, with time I will become one of them, so they say. I don't doubt the wise word's of the Ecologist's, but I'll take death over becoming one of them."

"I need to go, I'm heading back to the checkpoint, I'm in the Cordon now. Anyone can listen to my previous messages in this signal, I've put them all on repeat, and are batched into one large transmission."

"What's left of Crimson Ten, and drop-ship 410, out! Perhaps there is still some hope... But I guarantee you, I will kill myself if it comes to it. I will not become one of them, that's a promise."

As he continues walking towards the Southern area of the Cordon, the only thing left is to dodge the sickly mutants that casually patrol the area. Once done, reporting into the checkpoint should be a breeze.


Lachance proceeded within the lab, coughing and wheezing as he did. The massive, titanium door slid open, as he stepped back. The bulk heads creaked as it opened, and he was greeted with a burly, french physicist/chemist/biologist, andresembled John Dalton very well. Well, almost, except for the French part.

"Greetings, friend! Vat' can I do for you?", the perplexing scientist exclaimed politely.

"Well, doc, as I've got this horrible sickness...And it's driving my fucking nuts.", he holds a night-star in his arms tightly, blocking out the voices scrambling within his head.

"Mmmhmm, mmhmm", he said as he puckered his lips in a thinking manner.

"And vat' are zur' symptom's?"

"I-...I can't explain it. There's this...thing-, you know, it's like...It just won't stop. It keeps calling me, it just will NOT stop. Once in awhile it gets control of me, but luckily I can block it out with a bit of willpower."

"Oh no...", he grimly said, with his jaw dropped, dropping his clip-board.

"Welp, you no doubt have what we call the-"

"The Reaver Virus, yeah, I know.", the scientist interrupted over his thinking.

"So, it's gotten out, ey?! *He laughs heartfully*"

"Sir, may I....See what you are holding?", the scientist inquires.

"This? Sure...ONLY for a few minutes though. It's blocking out the voices...I hate em'."

The scientist gasps at the sight of the artifact, after Lachance reveals it from under his coat. It glows radiantly.

He gasps again....

"Where-....Where did you get this?!", The scientist shouts in excitement as he catches his first view of it.

"This thing? It's just a Night-Star... I bought this from my General Major a few weeks ago, back at the Army base.

"Do you have any idea what this is? Do you? You have no idea, do you...."

"Uhm, what is so special about it? I don't get what you're getting all excited over, it's just a Nightstar..."

"My friend, this is no ordinary Nightstar. This is something of much, much more value than that...", the scientist replies, as he twirls the artifact, perplexed so.

The hearty scientist pulls out a rather intriguing device, known in the Zone as an artifact detector. But this is no ordinary detector. This is one of the legendary, prototype P9B1- Bevil Mark II detector. Only a few are known to exist in the Zone, and one, is about to meet its end...

The french-man flips the steel-coated flip-up cover of the detector upwards, making a hissing noise as it did so. He sets the artifact on the table, bringing the detector close to it.

Seconds later, wham! The detector short-circuits in a frenzy of sparks as it comes near the artifact.

The mans jaw drops in astonishment.

"Well, zer' goes zat'...Zeh'-...lead professor vil' not be happy about zat'.

"What the hell just happened?!", Lachance shouts in confusion.

"Zu Zee' Stalkuh'- err', military man... Zis' is uhh', no ordinary arteefact'... Do you know vat' zeh'...Klondike- is?"

"No way...That's impossible. How can that possibly be? The Major would never let something so rare slip up like that.", Lachance replied with his brow wrinkled, shaking his head in confusion.

"Nevermind zat'. Vet's get back to our procedure here. Now, zu' said zu' have zis' Reaver Virus, yes?"

"Sure do, Doc'. Whatcha' got in mind?", Lachance replied lookin' around the high-tech rooms of the lab.

"Now, zu' said zis' artifact blocks out zeh' channels zat' are penetrating your mind, hmm? Vat if I told you, zat' I might be able to extract zeh' sample of atoms from zis' artifact, and could administer zem' in a liquid-form within a hypodermic needle? It is risky, however. You may feel many bad side affects for zeh' few days. Zeh' usual, zo'. Zeh' stomach-ache, nausea, light-headed feelings, no biggy! Oh, and don't mind zeh' radiation from zeh' artifact, zeh' amount of radiation vissin' your body will be so small, zat' it will cause little to no harm, no biggy!"

"Uhh, sounds good... I mean- go ahead, do whatever, I don't care. As long as it fixes my...problem."

"If you vil' excuse me for zeh' moment, sir.", the scientist exclaimed as he walked out of the room, into another section of the lab."

The scientist inserts the Nighstar into the machine, what the ecologist's have termed the machine as the "PRADR", the Portable Radiation, Artifact, and Rolinites Reader. Once the artifact is placed within the machine, a 3D model of the Nightstar instantly approaches on the Russian Windows version, displaying many items. Most normal people could not even begin to understand these things, for they are mostly that of the physicist mind, meaning it takes years, and years to understand what is even going on within the massive machines chamber.

As the french-man begins to read the displaying information on the computer, the artifact spins within the chamber, creating a beeping noise within the processing unit. The readings are finished, and the man steps out with a large syringe in his hand, the liquid inside glowing a hint of blueish light, combined with yellow.

"Uhh doc', you uhh, dink' dat's safe?" Lachance asks as he steps forward, a bit nervous.

"Yes, yes! It is perfectly safe, zer' is nozing' to vurry' about!"

Alright doc, hit me-

"You must take off your chest piece and arm covers..."

"Erm, okay? A bit cold down here, I must say, but if you insist."

Lachance steps into the dressing room next to the desks, normally used for the ecologist to change into their work attire, and Zone-suits. He steps within, taking his time to unlock the screws and locks on his EXO suit.

One by one, the locks are undone. The helmet, the chest-piece, the arm-covers, and so forth.

He steps out of the large chamber, shivering a bit. After all, it is well below sixty degrees in this room.

"Hit me up, doc!" Lachance yells across the room, in a funny manner.

"Come forward, stalker!"

He lifts up his arm, showing his slender figure as he did so.

"For a Stalker, you're a skinny one!"

"Yeah, yeah- doc, you can blame the Czech genetics for that one. I don't do weights, sorry. I'm a...running man, really. More cardio than anything."

"And -I-, am a science man!"

They both laughed together, the man slapping Lachance on the back.

He brings the glowing needle up to his arm, piercing the major vein underneath the bicep. As he presses the plunger, Lachance grits his teeth in pain. Not from the puny needle, but from the liquid within.

"Ah Doc', what the hell is this stuff?!"

"My friend, zou' are getting an injection of liquefied artefact particles, zou know!"

As he finishes the injection, he shouts loudly, "All done!", before bringing the needle out from his arm. Little blood comes out, as he approaches the armor-filled chamber.

Minutes later, he finishes assembling his armor, ready for-...not ready for combat, oh no, not yet.

"Yeesh, doc...I feel better already. I hope this is permanent."

"Trust me, stalker....It es', do not vurry'."

"As he begins to approach him, he takes his hand, shaking it.

"What's your name, Doc'?", Lachance asks politely

"You may call me...  Fabien Cerdan! Biologist, Chemist, and Physicist!", the scientist shouts in a hearty manner.

"Name's Khaletskiy Lachance. the Army's finest trader and mechanic, friend!"

"Look, sorry Doc', but I gotta go. I need to report back to my buddies back at the checkpoint, but here's a gift..."

He slaps a check on the desk, with a designated 100,000 written on the value area.

"That'll suffice..."

"Good day, stalker, and may you live your life well!", the scientist waved goodbye, and Lachance was already gone.

"You're mine, freak...You're dead...", Lachanced yelled to himself, gritting his teeth as he sprinted across the terrain of the grassy area, the bunker dissapearing behind him. So bent on taking the vampire-like woman's life, so bent on destroying her.... And with a 250,000 bounty to establish, who wouldn't work themselves so hard?

"You're dead Marissa... I'll make sure you're hunted to the ends of the fucking Earth... My sickness is cured, and luckily I...can control myself, unlike you.

Avenged Sevenfold - "A Little Piece of Heaven" Music Video


Dam you bagelz you made me loose temp mind connectionz.

A dark hole lays in the small sector one garbage.

Moaning and groaning are heard as Reavers run out scattering.

A single loan reaver comes out holding a torso as blue ribbons of psy surround.
The torso speaks words threw the connection they have.

*Find the forsaken one,I demand all of the children for the battle.*

*Bring elder from his slumber too my children.*

They walk out of the deep dank hole as it now remains empty as they scatter around the sector.