Akim Chernovsky, PDA Notes and pictures.

Started by OxTox, 04-09-2009

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**PDA-Recorded-Memo named: When found open this. **A voice of a man comes out of the PDA's speakers with the message: "Hello, my name is Akim Chernovsky, if you find this PDA ple-."

**The memo has been closed as a bandit who stole it looks for any information about secret stashes. He browses the files and enters the folder called: Promotional Pictures. He opens the four files inside, one by one.





**The Bandit then goes to a diary page named: Bloodsucker Attack.

Hello diary entry #0003. I have been asked by a group of Loner Rookie's to stand behind their bar, for a price ofcourse... I haven't made much business, and they all thought the prices were too high... But hey! Atleast I sold some Cossack's Vodka to them and some Anti-Rad's, and some medical kits to a drug abusing Veteran; but it's alright! Eventually it all happened, the scariest fucking nightmare of my entire life! Bear told me about these monsters, but I never knew they would come inside houses! Three Bloodsuckers appeared just a few feet away from me, and they quickly tore apart a rookie and threw him at me! Jesus! The poor rookie landed on the shelve in a rather awkward position. I quickly unslung my spas-twelve and emptied it in the Bloodsucker's faces, as they were trying to maul the Rookies that were sitting at my bar. Once I killed all three of them, I leaned over the counter discovering another pack of Bloodsuckers coming through the roof, as a clawed up Rookie stumbled down the stairs, and eventually fell over bleeding out. I slammed two slugs into my spas-twelve just in-case. Another Rookie unslung his AK-47U and aimed for the staircase. Suddenly, a Bloodsucker leaped onto the Rookie, which I just realised its presence as it turned visible barely a foot away! Two more Bloodsucker's came down, and I rose my spas-twelve aimed for their heads! And-

**The bandit exits the diary file and leaves the PDA on the rock he was resting on when he saw a fat bald and bearded guy waving his spas-twelve around aiming for him, the bandit made a run for it.

**Akim Chernovsky sweared every curse word in the dictionary to the bandit as he ran and walked up to the rock smiling as his eyes met the PDA once more, he grabs his PDA and pockets it back into his inner pocket in his jacket.

(( -The End, will write more eventually. ))




That picture with the merc with the chair is excellent. Your posing skills are very good.

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I talked to OxTox in SF and volunteered to cure his paragraph up to a more..... pleasurable, read.



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That picture with the merc with the chair is excellent. Your posing skills are very good.

I usually don't pose, I guess it's all in holding E and rolling that mouse around!


Thats really cool Ox, good job :D



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i think that the merc was pissed on the another one
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Haha, excellent, I found that pose with the bandit and merc quite funny.