Admins wont give me Tool trust even though....

Started by Zombiedance, 23-02-2010

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Ok i got accepted for tool trust i got it but then my computer got the blue screen of death and i lost all my money and stuff and have to start over. But i didn't complain about that but then i said can i get my tool trust back and the admin refused to he said it wasnt good enough or something even though i got accepted and it had everything it was supposed to have so can i have an admin give me it?

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Quote from: Zombiedance on 23-02-2010
i lost all my money and stuff and have to start over.

Now the strange thing is zombie, bluescreen does NOT delete your character files at all. Seeing as its not saved on -your- computer, but the server's data you wouldn't of lost anything at all unless you gained some horrible bug.

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Im gunna go ahead and say.

Your computer isnt the server.

Server holds data, so blue screen wouldnt affect this.

Also, your didnt use the right format when you asked ingame.

Try /ar please ^_^           Also, he was accepted so give it to em.


And moved to admin complaint. Use the right boards.


Wait i did use ar :( eh must have not seen it ok