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Started by Locke, 04-08-2009

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Quote from: Paintcheck on 04-08-2009
This problem is a catch 22: No one will go on their Freedomer if no other Freedomers are on, but that's a self-fulfilling cycle as we have seen.  A big part is also the fact that if there aren't a lot of Freedomers on (like 3 or fewer) but there are like 10 milis or Dutyers on, they both have a tendency to go after us. Which is fine since that's how the factions work but it's not much fun for the 3 Freedomers to get assraped by the 10+ milis. So all the Freedomers get rolled from the sheer might of the mili (earlier today there were 2-3 milis in Exos, 1 in a Skaat, and 2 others in normal suits. At most Freedom has 2 exos, Tundruff and Royz (well ok he usually hangs out in his SEVA but that counts), and nothing comparable to a Skaat. The point of this is to say that even with equal numbers, the active military guys are the ones with the good gear since that is how they got enough funds for the exo in the first place so fights are almost always numerically and logistically in the military's favor). So as we see it isn't possible for the few active Freedomers to compete with the military since even when we aren't outnumbered 2-1 we don't have the equipment to take you guys on. Coupled with the fact that the trader likes to set up in the military town (where we can't go) and the fact that my inventory hates me (3 SVDs and a VSS gone and counting) means that we don't have a lot of higher powered weapons to bring to bear either to negate your suits.
So in order to avoid getting numerically assraped Freedom tends to hang out in S3. But since no one else goes to S3 because the Traders always hang out in Military town or Rostok (both off-limits to uniformed Freedomers) the Freedomers get bored hanging out by themselves and log off or go to different characters, further perpetuating this Catch-22 cycle mentioned earlier. Since our one faction trader is gone no loners have a reason to hang out with us. Freedomers get bored playing with themselves. And then they try something stupid like sneaking into the mili town and trying to stab the Colonel which results in said Freedomer being CK'd (excellent RP to be sure but not all that fun for the sorry sap (aka ME) who constantly gets his ass handed to him for trying shit like that). Which reminds me, not only do we have to deal with the thousands of military guys out there, but recently there have been a shitload of new mercs coming in. Almost all of said mercs work for the military. Since being a Loner is so difficult on this server for a whole bunch of reasons I've stated in other posts, people join merc factions or the military. Coupled with the fact that Duty is the other major faction in that list and you find that Freedom is the most hated faction in the Zone. We have no friends because there are no Loners hanging out with us so we have to contend with a humongous, well-equipped military, a shit load of mercs, and then Duty on top of all that with the 5 or so active people we have. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that for a Freedomer this isn't much fun.
I don't really know how one would fix that problem other than giving us some free/cheap Exos and decreasing the number of military in some way. Or somehow getting more people to be active. Until that happens though I'm going to be staying mostly on my Sucker or Loner. (Well I got Ck'd so I guess my Freedomer is dead anyway pending some further discussion)

Too long, didn't read: Freedom is in a bad way because no one wants to get on their Freedomer when no other Freedomers are on. No one wants to get on their Freedomer because military is too big and too well-equipped for almost any number of Freedomers to deal with, making Freedom the perpetual loser. Freedom has no allies or way of supplies. Ways to fix it would be letting Freedom get some better equipment to better be able to fight the military or possibly getting more Officer/Expert ranks (right now Royz is the only Expert I ever see, and even then I see him very rarely occasionally I'll see Locke I guess but he's also pretty rare) so the rookies have someone to follow. Maybe give those people Exos or SEVAs just to make them competitive.

I just wanted everyone to see what the problem here is, the root, cause and solution.


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Isn't this what I pointed out before Paintcheck!?
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Quote from: 19YearsOldLesbian on 04-08-2009
Was too lazy to read, shorter?

The TL;DR at the bottom was as short as I go, sorry if that's still too long but it's a pretty impressive wall of text in my extremely humble (yeah, right) opinion.


I have thought of all of this before I just didn't know how to put it into words but Paintcheck is spot on.


TL;DR the TL;DR version: Freedom = Poorly equipped, greatly outnumbered by miltiary
Freedom = Inactive because of this, plus noone wants to get on bcuz of no freedom, create infinite loop, end.


Yeah, we don't want to play if we're just going to be raped time after time.


I kinda metnioned this before in the same topic but then people got mad just becouse i was the one who said it but still ( No one wants to hear their enemy say that your getting owned...).Anyways Great Stuff.
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If you didn't notice there's a Bandit trader always hanging out in Garbage.
I never go to the Military town.
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That's true Jake (as I found out earlier yesterday) but you're one trader out of several. When you aren't on then what do we do?


Freedom has four Exo's. Locke, Royz, Cobra, and Tunddruff. Military has two Exo's. Radek and I. We have two Skat's. You win with four Exo's. Military leaders are more active then Freedom's, hence, you get the sence we have better weapons. Military spawns with their armor, and it's only 100. The standard Freedom or DUTY gets 200.


Except that Royz and Cobra never play, and I dont use my exo that often.

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And military shouldn't have EXOs! Use Skats!


Quote from: Locke on 05-08-2009
Except that Royz and Cobra never play, and I dont use my exo that often.

Cobra actually has quit Freedom for a bit so that's minus 1 (and before he quit his GPU broke so he couldn't play anyway) to that count. Locke has been on vacation for probably 3 of the last 5-6 weeks or so, so in that time span that's also minus 1. Royz hasn't been around much either, so that leaves us with 1 Exo, Tundruff's. 2 Skaats and 2 Exos >> 2 Exos + 2 other Freedomers, though it seems like we can't even get 4 Freedomers in one place, much less have all of our theoretical Exos present. Whereas I see the military with their 2 Exos all the time as Radek and Assassinator are uber active.


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Quote from: 19YearsOldLesbian on 05-08-2009
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And military shouldn't have EXOs! Use Skats!

My character can't really fit into a Skat.




Well now the problem has reversed itself. Lots of Freedomers now and no military are ever on.


heh... if you were complaining about how military has some many people on its because we RP alot and we usually win PLUS we got kick ass equipment. however, if you could set up some events with freedom like mili did you could possibly get more members active. and kick milis ass (Never going to happen aslong as im alive :D)

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Well Ive been playing my Freedomer any times I have.


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