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A question about Multi Factioning

Zarrick · 375

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Is it doable? I can imagine no people with Freedom characters and Duty characters, but I have a Duty and an Eco Stalker, which factions wont I be able to join now?

Or if theres a thread telling me, link me please :x

EDIT: I'll re-write it if you totally didnt understand what I just said.
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Reply #1 on: 04-09-2009
You dont multifaction in major factions.


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Reply #2 on: 04-09-2009
You are allowed to be in 1 major faction and as many Factions as you like I believe 


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Reply #3 on: 06-09-2009
Maybe someone can make an application thread for the ability to multi-faction so you would know who meta-games and who doesn't.

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